FROM: Michael A. LaBerge

DATE: Tuesday, March 27, 2001 8:07 PM

TO: Laframboise, Donna

CC: Bob Bouvier

SUBJECT: RE: deadline looming - update URGENTLY needed



Further to our telephone conversation:

1. You were correct to conclude that Edmonton ECMAS has not clarified [Tim]'s

involvement or non-involvement with the organization. If the second motion

to suspend his general membership failed, the organization then failed to

clarify their position with [Tim]'s involvement as a co-chair of their

subcommittee, and whether or not they will endorse his para-legal business

to members.


We will give Edmonton the rope (time) required to properly answer these

questions. They must answer them; this is their rapid growing pain!!! I only

wish you could too. Too much is at stake.


Donna, we gave Edmonton our position and hopefully spelled out the

rammifications. Their timing for meetings did not meet our Saturday deadline.

Calgary is still prepared to tender resignations from ECMAS upon their

clarifications. [Tim] and Ferrel are expendible for what is at stake. There

are No Winners in this, only losers.


2. Your opening line is inaccurate.... ECMAS is a family rights

organization, working for mothers, fathers and children of divorce. To label

it as a "fathers' rights group" is misleading and adds to the stereotyping

of men as "bad".


3. The following items are placed in jeopardy due to the events in Edmonton:

A lot of damage has unnecessarily been done.

a) ECMAS (Calgary) April 7 Conference "The Abuse Excuse" on false

allegations cancelled (associated credibility issue).

b) ECMAS (Calgary) Possible acceptance for representation on the Legal Aid

Society of Alberta Family LAw Staff Counsel Pilot Project may be refused.

Our request is to be submitted this week. (associated credibility issue)

c) Presentation to the Alberta caucus on the downfalls of the Family Law

regime with recommendations for reform, provincially and federally may not

be accepted. (associated credibility issue).

d) Presentation to the City of Calgary's Mayor's task Force on Domestic

Violence postponed until this damn mess is clarified. [Back]



If individuals are expendable to further the cause of Family Law Reform, are

destructive articles expendable as well?










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Thanks, again, for the response.


There's one point I'd like to clarify, though. Mr. Bouvier told me there

were two [Tim] Adams motions considered on Sunday.


The first was to accept Mr. Adams' resignation as VP. It passed.


The second was to suspend Mr. Adams as a member of ECMAS Edmonton. It



In other words, ECMAS Edmonton has fallen short of dissasociating themselves

from Mr. Adams. They apparently still think it's okay for him to


1) hang around

2) continue to co-chair weekly support group meetings

3) meet people who become clients of his paralegal business at these support

group meetings


At this point, the opening line of my piece is: "Two weeks after electing a

vice-president who has a criminal record for sexually exploiting a minor, an

Edmonton fathers' rights group still thinks the man should be a full-fledged

member of the organization."


If I've misunderstood, please let me know - I want to make sure I get things



best wishes,








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> Donna,

> As per my telephone message this afternoon, ECMAS (Edmonton) held their

> executive meeting on Sunday.The meeting was rightfully restricted to the

> Edmonton executive; I was not privy to it. Their decisions were to

> dissociate from [Tim] Adams, yet more fully evaluate their position with

> Mr.

> Christiensen.

> Our position in Calgary will remain as per our letter to Bob Bouvier: The

> executive in calgary will first recommend ceasing to use the ECMAS name;

> followed by en masse resignation from the ECMAS namesake. We will then

> formulate a new name for the Calgary family advocacy group and propose

> alternate names to the membership next month.


> Mike LaBerge.


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> Hello,


> My piece looks like it's running tomorrow. I need to know if you guys did,

> in fact, take the action you threatened in your statement last week.


> many thanks,


> D.

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