Lab news

March 2019

Two papers accepted for publication.

February 2019

Daniela decided to change careers and will be defending her MSc thesis in the summer. Wishing you all the best, Daniela!


Natalia was accepted into the residency program in the Department of Psychiatry. Congratulations, Natalia!

January 2019

Danielle Olafson joins the lab as MSc student in Psychology. She is co-supervised by Dr. Claire Scavuzzo and her thesis will examine effects of acute exercise on associative memory. Welcome, Danielle!

October 2018

Daniela's paper "Empiric neurocognitive performance profile discovery and interpretation in HIV-infection" was accepted for publication in the Journal of Neurovirology. Well done and so deserved, Daniela!


September 2018

Daniela's chapter "Neurocognitive Impairment and Associated Genetic Aspects in HIV-1 Infection" will be published in Lucette Cysique and Sean Rourke (Eds.): Neurocognitive complications of HIV-infection: Neuropathogenesis to implications for clinical practice for the Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences series, Springer. Great job, Daniela.


Spring/summer 2018

Paper Looking at the eyes interferes with facial emotion recognition in alexithymia was accepted in Journal of Abnormal Psychology.


Jiyeon Seo received summer studentship funding from the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry/NACTRC, well done Jiyeon!


Team-grant received from CIHR "Canadian HIV-Ageing Multidisciplinary Programmatic Strategy (CHAMPS) in NeuroHIV".


Riley Sangster did yet another amazing job with her Honour's independent research course (NEURO452), wonderfully done!!


December 2017

We received funding from the University Hospital Foundation, Medical Research Competition 2017. The project will examine social-emotional aspects of eating disorders, using eye-tracking (co-applicants Daniel Rochman, Lara Ostolosky, Serdar Dursun, and Adam Abba-Aji).


Riley Sangster did an amazing job with her Honour's reading course (NEURO450), well done and defended!

July 2017

Our paper Cognitive Implications of Deep Gray Matter Iron in Multiple Sclerosis" is featured in the July edition of the American Journal of Neuroradiology (AJNR) Fellows' Journal Club Podcast.AJNRpodcast



Our paper Visual attention to ambiguous emotional faces in eating disorders: role of alexithymia was accepted in European Eating Disorders Review. Congrats, Veronica, Alex, and Vanessa!

June 2017

Intern Katrien is joining the lab for a month. Katrien is a grade 11 Brain Bee contestant and won 3rd place this year. Welcome Katrien!

May 2017

Mursal and Daniela win best poster prizes at Psychiatry Research Day, well done!!

April 2017

Paper Emotional arousal impairs association-memory:  Roles of amygdala and hippocampus accepted in NeuroImage.

March 2017

Daniela is officially a PhD student. Great job, Daniela!


Alex receives a DAAD RISE internship and will be spending his summer in Germany. Well deserved, Alex!

January 2017

Paper Determinants of risk-taking in HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders accepted for publication in Neuropsychology- Congratulations, Daniela, way to go!!

December 2016

Paper accepted for publication in AJNR, thanks Jonn for your hard work on this.

September 2016

Many new faces this term! Welcome Areej, Deanna, Emily, Gunvir, Melissa, Mursal, Sydney (PSYC396/496), Brenna (Honours Neuroscience), and our lovely volunteers Angela and Vanessa.

June 2016

Jonn Kmech is leaving the lab after three years as a research assisstant. We'll miss you, John!

May 2016

Mulan Xia is volunteering in the lab over the summer. Mulan, thanks for joining us!

May 2016

Daniela Gomez enters the MSc program in Psychiatry. Looking forward to (more) great things to come!

March 2016

Congratulations to Alex Macrae-Korobkov for winning a summer 2016 studentship from AIHS. Alex will work on "Integrating a machine learning approach to explore and predict alexithymia with eyetracking data".

March 2016

Veronica Kube wins a summer 2016 studentship from the URI. Veronica will be studying "Alexithymia in eating disorders: Exploring the link between emotion processing difficulties and harmful eating behaviours". Well done, Veronica and Alex!

September 2015

Welcome to Alex, Alexa and Angela (PSYCO 299), Indra (PSYCHO 496), Daniela (NEURO498), and volunteer Amelia.

July 2014-July 2015

Esther on sabbatical at the UKE in Hamburg, Germany.