Courses Taught

Current courses

  • LIS 533: Database Design for Information Management
    An introduction to core concepts, principles, and techniques of database design for information management, from user requirement analysis, to data and information modelling and querying. An introduction to semi-structured data and XML, and to the development of database applications for the Web, is also included.
  • LIS 534: Information Architecture: Web Design for Usability
    An examination of the principles and practice of web usability, with a focus on information architecture, layout and design, metadata and other topics related to effective web design and management. Includes an introduction to XHTML, CSS and other web coding.
  • LIS 598 - Citation Analysis: Theory, techniques and practical applications
    An examination of theory and techniques of citation analysis as well as its practical applications in various library and information science sub-areas (e.g., information services, knowledge discovery, research evaluation).

Courses taught / developed previously (selected)

  • LIS 506: Information Technology
    An introduction to information technology and its implications for libraries and information services.
  • LIS 508 - Information Technologies in LIS Environments
    An introduction to and a critical examination of a range of information technologies relevant to diverse library and information settings.
  • LIS 536 - Digital Reference and Information Retrieval
    An examination of the integration of digital services into the array of reference services, with an emphasis on information retrieval systems and their effective use by professionals and end users.
  • LIS 538: Digital Librarianship
    An examination of topics of current interest related to the application of computers and communications technology in libraries and information centers.
  • Information Science
  • Information Retrieval
  • Bibliometrics
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