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David S. Nobes

B.E., Ph.D., P.Eng.
10-281 Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering
9211-116 Street NW, T6G 1H9
University of Alberta
Edmonton AB, Canada
Tel: (780) 492-7031
Fax: (780) 492-2200


Increasingly large-scale flow structures have been identified as a source of interest in a wide variety of flows. The scale of structures that are highlighted here is on the order of, or larger than, the local length scales in the flow, and may be such phenomena as large-scale flapping / movement of jets, large vortices, general flow oscillation, re-circulation zones and the preferential path taken by fluid (short-circuiting). These large-scale coherent phenomena are sometimes chaotic in motion, are generally three-dimensional in nature, and can be difficult to identify in the mean flow field. In industry, the presence of these flow phenomena can lead to noise generation, vibration, and reduction in performance.

Large-scale flow can also provide important benefits. For example in large-scale combustion a large-scale structure can slow mixing, increase soot formation leading to a more radiant flame and lower bulk flame temperatures. An important result is lower NOx emission while maintaining complete burn-out.
The interaction of fluid motion with energy exchange is very important in heat transfer limited systems. Fundamental understanding of this will be an important step forward in the design of devices to convert low grade heat into useful energy.

These points underline my main research interests, which are:
- The investigation of large-scale flow structures and oscillations
- The development of tools, typically laser based measurement systems to carry out this research.


Fluid Mechanics
- Dynamics of Large-Scale Structure
- Fluid Mixing and Instabilities
- Two-Phase Flows

Thermal Energy System
- Stirling Engine Design
- Heat Exchangers
- Recipricating Flows

Laser Based Measurement Techniques
- Velocity (PDV/DGV, LDV, PIV)
- Scalar (PLIF, Raman, Raleigh & Mie Scattering)
- Laser Hardware

Additive Manufacturing
- Desing for AM
- AM for functional parts
- Alternative materials

Other Fluid Flows
- Bio-medical flows
- Fluid Dynamic Control of Radiant Heat Transfer
- Combustion Flow Instabilities

Oil Sands Processing
- Flow in SAGD wells
- Flow in porous media
- Fluid Rheology