Introduction to Course & Instructor      
  This short video introduces the new and exciting academic discipline of Science & Religion, provides a brief history of the course and students who have taken it, and outlines the instructor's academic qualifications.  
  Course Description      
  This course is an introductory examination of the various relationships between science and religion. Topics include: Definitions of Science & Religion, Science-Religion Models, Intelligent Design, Galileo Affair, Geology & Noah’s Flood, Darwin’s Religious Beliefs, Evolution vs. Creation Debate, Problem of Evil, Interpretations of Genesis 1-11.  
  Constructivist Teaching Style      
  The purpose of the course is for students to examine various approaches to the relationship between science and religion and for them to construct THEIR personal positions.  
  None. Just interest in the topics!  
  Syllabus & Schedule  
  Spring 2018
Section 801
  Summer 2018
Section 851
  14 mins
  Midterm Exam (40%)  80 minutes in a classroom at St. Joseph's College  
  Final Exam (60%)  3 hours in a classroom at St. Joseph's College  
  Midterm & Final Exams  
  Factoid Questions     
  Fill-in-the-Blanks & Multiple Choice Questions      
  3 mins    
  Midterm Exam Preparation Lists
  Final Exam Preparation Lists
  Midterm Letter     
  Letter to Dr. Jones
  5 mins    
  Final Exam Short Answer Questions     
  List of Questions
  26 mins    
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  Course Materials  
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  4 mins
  Self Test List  
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