Enhanced Oil Recovery

We conduct laboratory experiments using state-of-the-art facilities to visualize, measure, and model the interactions between rocks and fluids during EOR operations such as 1) Natural gas injection into low-permeability reservoirs; 2) solvent injection into heavy oil reservoirs; and 3) Surfactant and Nanoparticle injection into depleted reservoirs.

Hydrogen Storage

We explore the feasibility and challenges of underground hydrogen storage by measuring and modelling the hydrogen-rock interactions. We examine the physical and chemical changes that occur in the rock matrix and pore space due to hydrogen injection and extraction. We develop the necessary knowledgebase and tools for optimizing and regulating the storage operations.

Produced Water Treatment

We perform chemical analysis and treatment of the flowback and produced water from fractured horizontal wells. We assess the water quality and the environmental impacts of different treatment options. We aim to reuse the treated water for future hydraulic fracturing operations to reduce water consumption and disposal costs.

Energy Data Analytics

We leverage the recent AI revolution and big data to link early time flowback recovery with completion efficiency and long-term productivity of the fractured wells in tight formations. we develop hybrid analytical and data-driven models for fracture characterization and optimizing fracturing operations and project profitability