Motor Control - Motor Behaviour Series 2005 - 2006

Date Speaker Topic
Sep 28, 2005 Alex Brown Anticipating the gold: The effect of auditory stimulus intensity and foreperiod on reaction time
Oct 12, 2005 Austin Bergquist Auditory spinal facilitation: Changes in the nervous system associated with auditory stimuli
Oct 28, 2005 Jesse Dean A proposal to test the effect of frequency on the role of afferent feedback during human bouncing
Nov 9, 2005 John Misiaszek Is post-activation depression of the H-reflex actually the result of autoregulation by presynaptic NMDA receptors? Yet another layer of complexity in the regulation of this supposedly simple reflex
Nov 23, 2005 Joanna Clair & Carol Boliek Coordination of Speech and Postural Tasks in Young Children
Dec 6, 2005 Penelope McNulty Motor units in the lower leg after spinal cord injury
Dec 7, 2005 Lisa Yates On again, off again: an FES story
Jan 9, 2006 Timothy Carroll Neuromuscular adaptations to resistance training
Jan 18, 2006 Alex Tamm Developing a Technique to Assess the Cortical Contribution to Reflexes Evoked in Human Limb Muscles
Feb 15, 2006 Dave Bolton Noise-Enhanced Balance Control in Patients with Diabetes and Patients with Stroke
Mar 1, 2006 Carlos Haridas Cutaneous reflexes evoked during human walking are reduced when self-induced
Mar 15, 2006 Olle Lagerquist Repetitive Bilateral Arm Training and Motor Cortex Activation in Chronic Stroke
Mar 29, 2006 Alex Ley Fundamental Concepts of Data Acquisition
Apr 12, 2006 Emily Krauss Is the movement-evoked potential mandatory for movement execution? A high-resolution EEG study in a deafferented patient
Apr 26, 2006 Brian Maraj Behavioural and mechanistic convergence in human movement science
May 10, 2006 Dave Collins So what the heck is a Prof anyway?
May 24, 2006 Eryk Przysucha Underlying Control Tendencies In Postural Adaptations of Boys with and without DCD
Jun 8, 2006 Lora Major Optimal Control of Redundant Muscles in Step-Tracking Wrist Movements

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