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Canadian Association of Slavists

Annual General Meeting

University of Western Ontario, London

31 May 2005

Minutes of the AGM

The meeting was called to order at 3:35 PM with 21 members present.

Presentation from Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences:

Jacqueline Wright introduced Donna Pennee, Vice President for Women’s and Equity Issues, who spoke on the following:

  • new focus on the “Next Generation”;
  • increased funding for scholarly publications;
  • increased publication of works in translation;
  • Post-Secondary Conference to be held in Ottawa in November;
  • workshops on copyright legislation and open access workshops at this Congress;
  • lobbying by Federation to ensure SSHRCC open position be filled;
  • additional money designated for existing funding programs;
  • also new levels of funding;
  • invitation to visit the Federation website;
  • recommendations for Women’s and Equity issues may be found online;
  • upcoming Congresses: 2006 at York University; 2007 at University of Saskatchewan; 2008 in Ottawa (university to be decided);
  • theme for 2006: “Cities”;
  • tentative CAS dates for 2006: May 27–29; overlaps with History (29–31), Comparative Literature (28–30), Musicology (28–31), but not Political Science (1–3);
  • Pennee announced that Jacqueline Wright will be leaving the Federation; CAS members applauded her many years of service.


Following the Federation presentation, the meeting was opened by Bohdan Harasymiw, who asked that members stand for a moment of silence in honour of members who have passed on: Gleb Zekulin and Michael Marunchak.

Approval of agenda: Gust Olson (m), Elena Baraban (s), carried

Approval of minutes of the 2004 AGM: Zena Gimpelevich (m), Natalia Pylypiuk (s), carried.



1. President Maxim Tarnawsky:

The President’s written report may be found online, at the CAS website.

He spoke to the following:

  • congratulations to the Editor of the Journal, which is well in hand;
  • congratulations to the Programme Chairperson for a job well done;
  • international contacts this year have been limited, except for Nick Zekulin’s role in planning the International Congress, 2008. Individuals should apply directly to the Congress for inclusion in that programme.

2. Secretary-Treasurer Zina Gimpelevich:

The Secretary-Treasurer’s written report may be found online, at the CAS website.

She noted the following:

  • a productive year, which included a learning experience for herself;
  • financial picture generally positive;
  • reminder that presence at the AGM is required to receive travel funds;
  • an 8-year record is to be submitted to the Government of Canada.

The President noted that this was required due to the CAS Fund’s loss of charitable status.

Natalia Aponiuk asked how long it will take to regain status; the Secretary-Treasurer responded that it could be anywhere between 2 and 6 months.

3. Programme Committee: Robert Karpiak, Chair:

The Programme Chairperson reminded the members about the UWO President’s reception following the AGM, and spoke to the following:

  • the number of complete panels submitted made the job easier;
  • individual submissions made it more challenging;
  • of 73 presenters, only 66 were registered for the Congress;
  • noted with pleasure that approximately 30% of participants were students;
  • the Guide for Programme Chairpersons still needs some fine-tuning;
  • highlighted complications of working at a distance.

Bohdan Harasymiw thanked the Programme Chair for the very good job he had done in the face of distance-related complications. He also broached the subject of participants who were lapsed or non-members. The discussion which followed raised the following points:

-- financial return from the Congress is based on the number of CAS’s registrees;
-- one participant refused to become a CAS member;
-- travel funds are available only to those who register for the Congress;
-- rules must be made absolutely clear, especially to new members;
-- membership/registration issue should be dealt with in the CAS proposal forms.

The president asked that the Association show some tolerance in this area, to ensure quality presentations at the conference. The question was put forward for discussion by the new Executive.

The Programme Chair voiced his appreciation for the positive feedback he had received, both before and at the AGM, and noted that there had been no complaints so far.

4. Canadian Slavonic Papers Managing Editor: Oleh S. Ilnytzkyj

The Editor’s written report may be found online, at the CAS website.

He highlighted the following:

  • the journal is now up-to-date and has a reasonable number of subscribers;
  • past volumes are being digitized to be placed online.

The Editor informed the members that Bohdan Nebesio, who has done an excellent job as Assistant Editor of the journal, is leaving to take a position at Brock University; a replacement will be required.

The Editor also raised the question of an electronic versus a printed format for the journal, given the printing and mailing costs. He mentioned that SSHRCC might be pushing to have current issues online, under the premise that funding coming from the public should be used to support a journal available to the public domain. He is looking into various answers to the problems, which might include production of a CD that could be marketed to libraries.

The President responded with the suggestion that CAS should consider all options, but proceed slowly. He noted that the Federation will have to deal with the financial issues at some point, as well, and would likely offer all associations some guidance at that time.


5. Graduate Student Representative: Tamara Kotar

           No report


6. International Relations Committee: Paul Austin

           Gimpelevich for Austin: nothing to report at this time.


7. Nominating Committee: Natalia Pylypiuk, Chair

Past-President and Nominating Committee Chairperson, Natalia Pylypiuk, announced that the CAS Executive named Bohdan Harasymiw CAS Honorary President for 2005-2006 in recognition of his long service and devotion to the Association. A previous announcement was made prior to the AGM, at the CAS Annual Banquet.

Nominations were posted, and the Committee Chairperson invited the Harasymiw to proceed with the elections of new officers.



The following members were elected or continue to serve (*) in the designated positions:


President (2004–2006)

*         Maxim Tarnawsky, University of Toronto

Past President & Chair, Nominating Committee (2004–2006)

*         Natalia Pylypiuk, University of Alberta

Vice Presidents

           Natalia Aponiuk, University of Manitoba

           Heather Coleman, University of Alberta

Secretary-Treasurer (2004–2007)

  *      Zina Gimpelevich, University of Waterloo

Programme Committee, Chair

           Taras Koznarsky, University of Toronto

Programme Committee Members

           Pamela Jordan, University of Saskatchewan

           John McCanon, University of Saskatchewan

           Bozena Karwowska, University of British Columbia

Managing Editor,Canadian Slavonic Papers (2001–2006)

  *      Oleh Ilnytzkyj, University of Alberta


           Elena Baraban, University of Manitoba

           Arkadi Kliouchanski, University of Toronto

           Maryna Romanets, University of British Columbia

           Lavinia Stan, St. Francis Xavier University       

Graduate Student Representative

           No election held prior to AGM

International Relations Committee

 *       Paul Austin, McGill University

Nominating Committee

           Alison Rowley, Concordia University

           Megan Swift, University of Victoria



Maxim Tarnawsky reported that the deadline for submissions has been changed to July 1, which would allow papers written up to the end of the academic year to be submitted. He reminded the membership that there were two prizes of $250, one for an undergraduate student and one for a graduate student, to be used solely for attending the CAS conference. Winning papers would be considered for, but not guaranteed, publication in the CAS journal.

Connie Wawruck-Hemmett asked if winners could still apply for conference funding, and the President replied in the affirmative.

Motion: Connie Wawruck-Hemmett (m), Lavinia Stan (s): that all reports be accepted. Carried.           



1. Maxim Tarnawsky reporting for members John Barnstead and Norman Pereira: a new tenure track position in the Russian Studies Department at Dalhousie University has been established. Members were invited to inform their colleagues and graduate students to watch for the coming public announcement.

2. Natalia Pylypiuk invited members to visit the CAS website to view Calls for Papers, and spoke regarding two upcoming events to be held at the University of Alberta:CaSTA (Canadian Symposium on Text Analysis) fourth annual symposium,“Digital Technologies: Tools, Methods, Solutions,” 3-7October 2005; and “Meaningful Marginalities: Religious Influences and Cultural Constructions,” a Collaborative Analysis of Medieval, Modern, Central European, and North American Contexts, May 11, 12 and 13, 2006.

Motion: Maxim Tarnawsky (m), Robert Karpiak (s): that the meeting be adjourned. Carried.

Adjourned at 4:55 PM


Minutes taken at the request of Secretary-Treasurer, Zina Gimpelevich, by Connie Wawruck-Hemmett.