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Canadian Slavonic Papers

Revue canadienne des slavistes

An Interdisciplinary Journal
Devoted to Central and Eastern Europe

Volume 61 • Nos. 3 • September / septembre 2019

Andrij Makuch (1956-2019), by Jars Balan

Gust Olson III (1950-2019), by Oleh S. Ilnytzkyj and Natalia Pylypiuk



Gregory L. Freeze


Konstantin Pobedonostsev: chief procurator as chief parishioner

Bohdan Harasymiw


Civil society as an anti-corruption actor in post-Euromaidan Ukraine

David R. Marples


Julian Stryjkowski: Polish, Jewish, queer



Thomas M. Prymak  

A new document on Mykhailo Hrushevs'kyi, liberal democracy, and Ukrainian Freemasonry





Nicholas Breyfogle


Paul Dukes, A history of the Urals: Russia’s crucible from early empire to the post-Soviet era

J.-Guy Lalande


Melissa Kirschke Stockdale, Mobilizing the Russian nation: patriotism and citizenship in the
First World War

Nicholas G. Žekulin


J.-Guy Lalande


Roberto J. Carmack



Ivan Simić


Sonja Luehrmann


Victoria Smolkin, A sacred space is never empty: a history of Soviet atheism

Katrin Schlund


Sonja Ulrich, Anredeformen im Serbischen [Forms of address in Serbian]

J. L. Black


Richard S. Wortman, The power of language and rhetoric in Russian political history:
charismatic words from the 18th to the 21st centuries