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Canadian Slavonic Papers

Revue canadienne des slavistes

An Interdisciplinary Journal
Devoted to Central and Eastern Europe

Volume 58 • Nos. 1 • March. / mars 2016


Kenneth Lantz

In Memoriam

C. Harold Bedford


ARTICLES [abstracts]

Paola Bocale


Trends and issues in language policy and language education in Crimea

Antony Kalashnikov


Interpellation in the late Soviet period: contesting the de-ideologization narrative

Simeon Mitropolitski


Political leadership – the key for explaining post-communist diversity

Jan Raska


Recreating a homeland: Czechoslovak diplomats in Canada during the Second World War




Elena Baraban

  Jeremy Hicks, First films of the Holocaust: Soviet cinema and the genocide of the Jews, 1938–1946

Cassio de Oliveira


Sharon Lubkemann Allen, EccentriCities: writing in the margins of Modernism: St. Petersburg to Rio de Janeiro

J.-Guy Lalande


Renéo Lukic, La désintégration de la Yougoslavie et l’émergence de sept États successeurs (1986-2013)

Hanna Chuchvaha


Colleen McQuillen, The modernist masquerade. Stylizing life, literature, and costumes in Russi

John A. Riley


Craig Campbell, Agitating images: photography against history in indigenous Siberia

Olga S. Partan

  Sergey Gandlevsky, Trepanation of the skull
Eren Tasar



Agnès Nilüfer Kefeli, Becoming Muslim in imperial Russia: conversion, apostasy, and literacy

Stanislav J. Kirschbaum  

Jozef Šimončič and Alžbeta Hološová, The history of Trnava University 1635–1777, 1992–2012

Elena Baraban   Cathy A. Frierson, Silence Was Salvation: child survivors of Stalin’s terror and World War II in the Soviet Union

Alison Rowley

  Ian Barnes, Restless empire: a historical atlas of Russia

Kees Boterbloem


Edward Cohn, The high title of a Communist: postwar party discipline and the values of the Soviet regime

Kevin McDermott   David R. Shearer and Vladimir Khaustov, Stalin and the Lubianka: a documentary history of the political police and security organs in the Soviet Union 1922–1953
Mark Andryczyk  

Myroslav Shkandrij, Ukrainian nationalism: politics, ideology, and literature, 1929–1956