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Canadian Slavonic Papers

Revue canadienne des slavistes

An Interdisciplinary Journal
Devoted to Central and Eastern Europe

Volume 58 • Nos. 1 • March. / mars 2016


Natasha Kolchevska

In Memoriam

Teresa L. Polowy


ARTICLES [abstracts]

Nadezhda Beliakova and Miriam Dobson


Protestant Women in the Late Soviet Era: Gender, Authority, and Dissent

Alexey Golubev


Affective Machines or the Inner Self? Drawing the Boundaries of the Female Body in the Socialist Romantic Imagination


Myroslav Shkandrij


The Ukrainian Reading Public in the 1920s: Real, Implied, and Ideal


Daria Smirnova


Shades of Laura: Vladimir Nabokov’s Last Novel ‘The Original of Laura

Colleen McQuillen


Optical Play: Glass, Vision, and Spectacle in Russia

Roman Utkin


Die Zeitschrift “Literaturnyi kritik” im Zeichen sowjetischer Literaturpolitik

Łukasz Wodzyński


Degeneration, decadence, and disease in the Russian fin de siècle: Neurasthenia in the life and work of Leonid Andree


Alexis E. Pogorelskin


Alexander Shlyapnikov, 1885-1937. Life of an Old Bolshevik

Tracy McDonald

  Crossing Borders: Modernity, Ideology, and Culture in Russia and the Soviet Union

Daniela Kalkandjieva


The Moscow Council (1917-1918): The Creation of the Conciliar Institutions of the
Russian Orthodox Church

Zina Gimpelevich


Spring Shoots: Young Belarusian Poets in the Early Twenty-First Century

Cynthia Simmons


Saving Stalin’s Imperial City: Historic Preservation in Leningrad, 1930-1950

Toivo U. Raun


The Baltic: A History

Rossen Djagalov


Automatic for the Masses: the Death of the Author and the Birth of Socialist Realism

Bella Grigoryan


The Imperative of Reliability: Russian Prose on the Eve of the Novel, 1820s-1850s

Simeon Mitropolitsk   The Democratic Transition of Post-Communist Europe: In the Shadow of Communist Differences and Uneven Europeanisation

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