Canadian Journal of Sociology
Volume 24, Issue 4, Fall 1999


The Study of Regional Inequality in Quebec and English Canada: A Comparative Analysis of Perspectives
by Chris Southcott

Immigrant/Ethnic/Racial Segregation: Canadian Big Three and Prairie Metropolitan Comparisons
by Leo Driedger

The Origins of American Individualism: Reconsidering the Historical Evidence
by Edward Grabb, Douglas Baer, and James Curtis

Toward a Civilization of Work
by Alain Touraine

Book Reviews/Comptes rendus

Leo Driedger, Multi-Ethnic Canada: Identities & Inequalities
by Eric Fong

Ann Duffy and Julianne Momirov, Family Violence: A Canadian Introduction
by Walter S. DeKeseredy

Klaus Eder, The Social Construction of Nature
by John A. Hannigan

John Goyder, Technology & Society: A Canadian Perspective
by Aant Elzinga

John Hagan and Bill McCarthy, Mean Streets
by Raymond R. Corrado

E. Laquian., A. Laquian, T. McGee, eds., The Silent Debate: Asian Immigration and Racism in Canada
by J. S. Frideres

Bernard Schissel, Blaming Children: Youth Crime, Model Panics and the Politics of Hate
by R. S. Ratner

James L. Watson, ed., Golden Arches East: McDonald’s in East Asia
by George H. Lewis

Viviana A. Zelizer, The Social Meaning of Money: Pin Money, Paychecks, and Other Currencies
by Michael R. Smith

Books Received/Livres reçus