Canadian Journal of Sociology
Volume 24, Issue 2, Spring 1999


The Author/Les auteurs

In Memoriam - Gerd Schroeter

Canada’s Seraglio Cities: Political Barriers to Regional Governance
by James Lightbody

Insecurity in the Labour Market: The Case of Canada Since the Second World War
by Michael Smith

Images of Work: Women’s Work, Men’s Work, Housework
by E. Dianne Looker and Victor Thiessen

Social Structural Model or Women’s Reproductive Rights: A Cross-National Study of Developing Countries
by Vijayan K. Pillai and Guang-zhen Wang

Note on Society/Debate

Multiple Modernities in an Age of Globalization
by S. N. Eisenstadt

Book Reviews/Comptes rendus

Menno Boldt, Surviving as Indians: The Challenge of Self-Government
by Susan Walter

Helen Boritch, Fallen Women: Female Crime and Criminal Justice in Canada
by Clayton Mosher

Ann Duffy, Daniel Glenday, and Norene Pupo, Good Jobs, Bad Jobs, No Jobs: The Transformation of Work in the 21st Century
by Julian Tanner

Ken Gelder and Sarah Thornton, The Subcultures Reader
by Michael Pollex

David Goldblatt, Social Theory and the Environment
by Gary Bowden

Jerome L. Himmelstein, Looking Good and Doing Good, Corporate Philanthropy and Corporate Power
by Soma Hewa

Richard Jenkins, Rethinking Ethnicity: Arguments and Explorations
by Kevin D. Haggerty

Jürgen Kopfmüller, Reinhard Coenen (eds.), Risiko Klima. Der Treibhauseffekt als Herausforderung für Wissenschaft und Politik
by Wolfgang Jung

Norman R. Okihiro, Mounties, Moose and Moonshine: The Patterns and Context of Outport Crime
by Elliott Leyton

Raymond Murphy, Sociology and Nature: Social Action in Context
by Reiner Grundmann

Alvin J. Schmidt, The Menace of Multiculturalism: Trojan Horse in America
by Cyril Levitt

Books Received/Livres reçus

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