University of Alberta Buffalo Club

What is it?

You must drink [alcoholic beverages] with your non dominant hand for the rest of your life.


  1. You must drink [alcoholic beverages] with your non dominant hand for the rest of your life.
  2. If a Buffalo sees another Buffalo drinking with their non-buffalo hand, the must call "Buffalo" at which point the offending Buffalo must finish their drink in one minute.
  3. If you finish your drink with your non-buffalo hand, you must finish a similar drink with your buffalo hand in under a minute.
  4. If the offending Buffalo fails to finish their drink they must pull an advertisement in the Gateway or Bridge. Apologizing to the Buffalo Club and renouncing their membership.
  5. You cannot quit the Buffalo Club the only way out is by not finishing your drink
  6. Once you are out of the Buffalo Club you cannot join again
  7. If you miscall someone on "Buffalo" then you must finish your drink in under a minute.

Ambidextrous People:

Most people ask this questions because they are smart asses but here are the official rules if we come across anyone ambidextrous.

  1. As we are prejudiced against ambidextrous people, an ambidextrous person must be watched for one week before signup to determine the dominant drinking hand. Upon signup they must use their other hand for the rest of their life.

Other rules:

  1. At the call of "Sociable", all Buffalos present must take a decent swig of their drink.
  2. In regards to straws: the cup must be held with your non-dominant hand.  It does not matter what hand (if any) the straw is held with.

Backwards (Bat) Hour:

  1. At the call of Bat Hour, you must drink from your dominant hand until the end of Bat Hour.
  2. Bat Hour cannot be 60 minutes in length.
  3. Bat Hour must be called in conjunction with a call of "Sociable" to insure you have everyone's attention.

Drink Birkly

  1. At the call of drink Birkly, the person who holds the position of Birkly must drink.


Whenever starting to drink with a group of people, a Buffalo should try to initiate any non-Buffalos. The initiation is a simple handshake given from a member in good standing. The new member should then visit this site to register.

Member Registration


Non Dominant Hand:
Left Hand
Right Hand

Student ID:

Email Address:*

* Student IDs and email addresses will not be available to the public. We require your ID in our effort to gain official Student Group status. Your email address will be kept private, and be used to inform you of upcoming events.



Canadian Federation of Buffalo Club

We are the flag ship club of a new national organization, check out for more info.

2004 - 2005 Executive

Sr. Exec

President Nathan Fitzpatrick
Supreme Overlord  Wade Penner
Left Hand Man Josh Bazin
Right Hand Man Mat Johnson
VP Operations Tim Murray
VP Finance Sam Johnson

Junior Exec

Official Server Moe
AVP Being Made of Poison  Jesse van Herk
AVP Psycho Killer Dan Haillihan
AVP Kegel Exercises and Peanut Butter Handjobs Vanessa Thomas
AVP Hack Alex Abboud
Figurehead Blonde Angela Thomas
International Correspondent Heather Furness
External Facility Coordinator Roman Kotovych
Birkly Birkley Wisniewski

Past Executive


If you have any questions email 

Drinking Songs

The official song book of the Buffalo Club: