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Peer-reviewed * indicates trainees supervised; co-first authors are underlined

Refereed Journal Papers:

  1. Xie, J.*, Ding, X., Jiang, B., Yan, X., and Kong, L., (2022). High dimensional model averaging for quantile regression, Canadian Journal of Statistics, invited revision submitted.
  2. Tu, W., Fu, F., Cobzas, D., Kong, L., Jiang, B. and Huang, C. (2022). Low Rank plus Sparse Decomposition of fMRI Data with Application to Alzheimer's Disease. Frontiers in Neurosciences, accepted.
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  4. Jiang, B., Raftery, A., Steele, R., and Wang, N. (2021). Balancing Inferential Integrity and Disclosure Risk via Model Targeted Masking and Multiple Imputation, Journal of American Statistical Association, in press.
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Refereed Conference Proceedings:

  1. Ding, L.*, Yu, D.*, Xie, J.*, Guo, W.*, Hu, S., Liu, M.*, Kong, L. Dai, H., Bao, Y., Jiang, B. (2022) Word Embeddings via Causal Inference: Gender Bias Reducing and Semantic Information Preserving. Proceedings of the 2022 AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, accepted.
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  3. Sun, K., Wang, Y.*, Liu, Y., Zhao, Y., Pan, B., Jui, S., Jiang, B. and Kong, L. (2021). Damped Anderson Mixing for Deep Reinforcement Learning: Acceleration, Convergence, and Stabilization. Proceedings of NeurIPS 2021 Conference.
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  5. Li, C., Niu, D., Jiang, B., Zuo, X., and Yang, J. (2021). Meta-HAR: Federated Representation Learning for Human Activity Recognition. The Web Conference (WWW) 2021 (acceptance rate: 20.6%).
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  8. Yao, H., Zhu, D., Jiang, B., Yu, P.* (2019). Negative Log Likelihood Ratio Loss for Deep Neural Network Classification, Proceedings of the Future Technologies Conference (FTC) 2019, 276-282.

Book Chapters:

  1. Konnikov, A., Rets, I., Hughes, K., Alshehabi Al-Ani, J., Denier, N., Ding, L.*, Hu, S., Hu, Y., Jiang, B., Kong, L., Tarafdar, M. and Yu, D.* (2022). Responsible AI for labour market equality (BIAS). In: How to Manage International Multidisciplinary Research Projects. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham. (In Press).
  2. Wang, Y.*, Lai, T., Jiang, B., Kong, L.and Zhang Z. (2022). Functional linear regression for partially observed functional data, Springer book series, (In Press).

PhD Thesis

  1. Jiang, B. (2014). Bayesian Joint Modeling of Longitudinal Trajectories and Health Outcome: A Broad Evaluation of Mean and Variation Features in Risk Profiles and Model Assessments. Ph.D. thesis, Advisor: Michael R. Elliott and Naisyin Wang, University of Michigan.

MSc Thesis

  1. Jiang, B. (2008). Estimation for Age-Period-Cohort Models: with Application to the Pleural Mesothelioma Data in Alberta 1980 to 2004. MSc thesis, Advisor: K. C. Carriere, University of Alberta.