Andriy Nahachewsky

Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company, Ben Shank and John Onyschuk, Edmonton, Canada. [left]

Svitlana and Vasyl’ Ilaschuk wedding, beginning dance by the bride and bride’s brother, village of Toporivtsi, Bukovyna, Ukraine, 1995. [below]


   This website lets me share examples of Ukrainian dance that illustrate my publications. 

Follow the pages connected with my book
Ukrainian Dance: A Cross-Cultural Approach
(McFarland Press, 2011), or my article
A Folklorist’s View of ‘Folk’ and ‘Ethnic’ Dance
(Oxford 2012).

As of January 2012, many of the examples are here, but the website is still growing.  Please return in a little while, as I secure more  copyright clearances.