AIC 2009

The Fifth Annual Alberta Interprofessional Conference presents:

"Walking together for a better future".

The 2009 Alberta Interprofessional Conference (AIC) will take place on October 24, 2009, at the Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton, AB. AIC is designed for students, by students. We will have the opportunity to learn, teach and collaborate in a truly tangible manner. Our theme, Walking together towards a better future, will guide our one-day exploration into the interrelationships between health professionals and how they work together to promote patient care.

The conference is developed as an opportunity for students of various health sciences to interact and increase their knowledge of the advantages and challenges associated with interdisciplinary care. The primary goal is to encourage interaction and team work between health science students to further professional development and improve the quality of health care as the students enter the workforce.

Updated August 27, 2009