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“A better way of life”

(Although this project was last updated in 2012, the content is still useful for many practitioners working with older adults in rural settings.)

"A better way of life" - granary

This website promotes healthy, active lifestyles for older adults living in rural areas. The information on this website supports practitioners, decision-makers, community leaders, and older adults themselves who live and work in rural areas.

What’s on This Website for You?

  • Making the Case:
    This section includes information about the bottom-line benefits of physical activity for older adults and what older adults themselves say about physical activity. You’ll also find links to research to support your initiatives in rural areas.

  • Making Changes:
    Find ways to communicate effectively with older adults and to assess your community’s support for physical activity. This section also includes great ideas for ways to engage older adults in physical activity and ways for older adults to track their activity, including an online Activity Tracker.

  • Success Stories
    Great ideas from communities across Alberta.

  • Guides for Active Aging
    This section links to the Alberta Centre for Active Living’s Rural Route to Active Aging: A Guide for People Who Want to Stay Active as They Age booklet and Preventing Falls Through Physical Activity: A Guide for People Working with Older Adults .

  • Links
    Links to resources and tools to enable all levels of your community to be involved.


The Rural Route to Active Aging: Evaluation Survey Results Final Report (May 2008) presents the results of a survey of the Rural Route for Active Aging presentations and resources. (PDF, 13 pgs)  

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