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Ultimedia Services Version 2 for AIX: Programmer's Guide and Reference

UMSVideoMonitorMClass Class

The UMSVideoMonitorMClass metaclass is an Ultimedia Services Version 2 feature and does not apply to Ultimedia Services Version 1.2.1.

This class inherits from the UMSClass class.This object creates UMSVideoMonitor object based on the display and video format needed.

To learn more about the UMSVideoMonitorMClass class, see:

For introductory information, see MetaClass Objects.

Method Descriptions

UMSVideoMonitor make_a_w(in string alias, in Display *x_disp)


Create an UMSVideoMonitor object based on the values specified in alias and x_disp.

in string alias A string that describes which UMSVideoMonitor to create.
in Display *x_disp A pointer to a display structure for use with X11.
Return Values
A pointer to an UMSVideoMonitor object If no error is found.
A NULL pointer to UMSVideoMonitor If an error is found including but not limited to: a bad alias string, a malloc() failure, a negotiation failure, an X protocol failure.

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