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Ultimedia Services Version 2 for AIX: Programmer's Guide and Reference

UMSVideoMonitor Methods

UMSVideoMonitor includes the following methods:

open Opens a video device driver where it is necessary.
close Closes a video driver where it is necessary.
recommended_window_size Given a width and a height for a window, returns the best size that works for a particular piece of hardware.
set_update_rate Sets the monitor refresh rate (frame rate).
get_update_rate Returns the value of the monitor update rate.
set_subimage Defines a subimage of the video. This affects the monitored video and, usually, the captured video as well.
get_subimage Returns the current subimage geometry.
monitor Activates/Deactivates the monitor.
freeze Freezes the monitor frame. In some cases, this is equivalent to a monitor(off).
resume Resumes the monitor if freeze is supported.
set_input_connector Selects a video input connector using a string.
set_output_connector Selects a video output connector using a string.
get_input_connector Returns the video input connector string.
get_output_connector Returns the video output connector string.
set_signal_format Sets the analog signal format (NTSC, PAL, SECAM)
get_signal_format Returns the analog signal format value.
set_hue Sets the value for hue.
set_brightness Sets the brightness value.
set_contrast Sets the contrast vale.
set_saturation Sets the saturation value.
get_hue Gets the value for hue.
get_brightness Gets the brightness value.
get_contrast Gets the contrast vale.
get_saturation Gets the saturation value.

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