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Ultimedia Services Version 2 for AIX: Programmer's Guide and Reference

UMSVideoIn Methods

UMSVideoIn includes the following methods:

set_max_buffered_frames If the video hardware supports frame buffering, set the size of the buffer.
get_max_buffered_frames Return the value for the size of the buffer.
get_buffered_frame_count Return how many frames are actually in the buffer.
flush Empty the buffer.
input Start filling the buffer with frames. If no buffering is supported, the method starts the capture. If blind capture is supported (capture without monitor), this method starts it.
get_frame Return one frame of video data from the video device.
set_time_format Set the value of how time is measured.
get_time_format Return time format value.
set_input_rate Set the video capture frame rate where allowed. If the hardware only supports the full analog rate, the application is responsible for watching the clock and asking for the right amount of frames.
get_input_rate Return the video capture frame rate.
monitor_only_received If the hardware supports this, only monitor the frames that are captured into the system.
set_image_size Set the desired size of the captured image.
get_input_image_size Get the image size value.

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