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Ultimedia Services Version 2 for AIX: Programmer's Guide and Reference

Programming with the UMSImageWindowParallax Object

The UMSImageWindowParallax object provides support for the PowerVideo PCI video card from Parallax graphics, which provides support for the MJPEG and BGR24 formats. This object inherits or overrides all methods from the UMSImageWindow base class and does not add new methods.

MJPEG consists of compressed JPEG frames. These frames can be captured in hardware or compressed using the UMS video codec objects. If a compressed frame is sent to the UMSImageWindowParallax object, the hardware decompresses the frame and displays it in a window.

The BGR24 is a 24-bit RGB format in which the first byte is a pad byte, followed by a byte of blue, a byte of green, and a byte of red. The origin of BGR24 is in the upper left-hand side of the frame.

The UMSImageWindowParallax object can handle an image size of up to 640x480 pixels. The object can also replicate the image up to two times its size. The Parallax card can be used to decompress frames via the image window at the same time that frames are being compressed and captured via the VideoIn object.

For introductory information, see Programming with Image Window Objects.

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