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Ultimedia Services Version 2 for AIX: Programmer's Guide and Reference

Chapter 28. Movie Capture and Playback Objects

The Ultimedia Services programming interface is presented as a binary class library through System Object Model (SOM). The object methods and arguments are presented without the SOM language syntax that is required for any given language to instance an object and call its methods. This class library provides various objects that can be used to play, record, and edit media files. See "General Programming Information" for more general information.

To learn more about movie capture and playback objects, see:

                          UMSVideoIO provides methods to open, close, and access the Ultimedia Video I/O adapter. The UMSVideoIO object is not a generic class to access any video device driver. It provides methods to capture compressed JPEG frames and to capture uncompressed frames with YUV422, RGB8 and RGB24 format. It can also provide methods to output the compressed JPEG frames and the uncompressed frames with YUV422 format to analog video output. For a generic class to access several supported video devices, see UMSVideoIN.
                          The UMSCapture object provides methods to capture video from video device and audio from audio device and interleave video/audio chunks in a fast file format. After capture completion, the save method converts it to an AVI format file.

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