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AIX Version 4.3 Base Operating System and Extensions Technical Reference, Volume 2

slk_set Subroutine


Sets up soft function-key labels.


Curses Library (libcurses.a)


#include <curses.h>

slk_set(LabNum, LabStr, LabFmt)
int LabNum;
char *LabStr;
int LabFmt;


The slk_set subroutine sets up each soft function-key label with the appropriate name. These labels appear at the bottom of the screen and give applications, such as editors, a more user-friendly look. Label names are restricted to 8 characters each.


LabNum Specifies the label number. The value can range from 1 to 8.
LabStr Specifies the string (name) to put on the label. If the string is NULL, the label is blank.
LabFmt Specifies the label alignment. The following values are valid:
0 Left-justified
1 Centered
2 Right-justified


slk_set(2, "Quit", 1);

Implementation Specifics

This subroutine is part of Base Operating System (BOS) Runtime.

Related Information

The slk_init routine.

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