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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 3

inucp Command


Performs simple copy operations for the installp command. This command is used by the installp command and the install scripts.


inucp -s StartDirectory [ -e FinalDirectory ] ListFile ProductName


The inucp command copies the files in a file tree with its root at StartDirectory to the appropriate place on the FinalDirectory root.

Before replacing files that may already exist in the FinalDirectory file tree, the inusave command should be called to save the files until needed by the inurecv command.

The ListFile parameter specifies a list, one per line, of all the files for ProductName. ListFile is the full path name of the file that contains the relative path names of files that the product needs to have copied.

The ProductName parameter specifies the name of the software product to be copied.


-e FinalDirectory Indicates the root of the file tree that the files are to be copied to. The FinalDirectory should be the base of the file tree. The default directory is the / (root) directory when this flag is not specified.
-s StartDirectory Indicates the root of the file tree that the files are to be copied from.

Environment Variables

INUEXPAND This flag is set to 1 by the installp command if file systems are to be expanded if necessary to do the copy (that is, the -X flag was passed). It is set to 0 if file systems are not to be expanded. If this environment variable is not set, the default is not to expand file systems.
INUTEMPDIR This flag is set by the installp command to the path of the current temporary directory. If this flag is not set the default is /tmp.

Error Codes

The inucp command returns the following error codes, which are defined in inuerr.h.

INUACCS One or both of StartDirectory and FinalDirectory are not directories.
INUBADAR Could not archive files in lpp.acf file.
INUBADC1 The copy operation failed.
INUBADMN Unrecognizable flag specified.
INUGOOD No error conditions occurred.
INUNOAP2 Could not access the ListFile.
INUNODIR No write access to FinalDirectory.
INUNOLPP One or both of StartDirectory and FinalDirectory do not have the necessary permissions.
INUNOMK Could not create a needed directory.
INUNOSPC Insufficient space for the copy and INUEXPAND was not set.
INUTOOFW One or more parameters were missing.
INUTOOMN Too many parameters were specified.


Privilege Control: You must be the root user to run this command.


To copy all the files listed in the /usr/lpp/X11/inst_root/al list from the /usr/lpp/X11/inst_root file tree to the root directory, enter:

inucp -s /usr/lpp/X11/inst_root /usr/lpp/X11/inst_root/al X11

Related Information

The installp command, inurecv command, inurest command, inusave command.

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