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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 3

ibm5585H-T Command


Processes troff command output for the IBM 5585H-T printer.


ibm5585H-T [ -FDirectory ] [ File ]


The ibm5585H-T command processes the output of the troff command for output to the IBM 5585H-T printer for traditional Chinese language. This command is provided exclusively for traditional Chinese language support.

The ibm5585H-T command processes one or more files specified by the File parameter. If no file is specified, the ibm5585H-T command reads from standard input.

The ibm5585H-T command uses font files in the /usr/lib/font/devibm5585H-T directory that have command names ending with .out. The ibm5585H-T command does not produce correct output unless these files are provided.


-FDirectory Specifies a directory name as the place to find font files. By default, the ibm5585H-T command looks for font files in the /usr/lib/font/devibm5585H-T directory.


To process the reports file for the IBM 5585H-T printer, enter:

troff reports |ibm5585H-T | qprt -dp

The ibm5585H-T command first processes the output of the troff command, then sends the file to a print queue.


/usr/lib/font/devibm5585H-T/*.out Contains font files.

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