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AIX Version 4.3 Glossary


Japanese Industry Standard (JIS). A standard of coding character sets.

Japanese Shift-In start delimiter. In SNA Server, an optional feature supported by X.21 Physical Link Control.

JIS. See Japanese Industry Standard.

Java Language. A programming language based on the C++ language and developed by Sun Microsystems. Java was developed to include methods for Internet data manipulation. Java applications can be written once and run on any machine having a Java Virtual Machine as part of its operating system.

job. (1) A unit of work defined by a user to be done by a system. The term "job" sometimes refers to a representation of the job, such as a set of programs, files and control statements to the operating system. (2) One or more related procedures or programs grouped into a procedure, identified by appropriate job control statements. See also process.

job number. A number assigned to a job as it enters the system to distinguish the job from other jobs.

job queue. A list of jobs waiting to be processed by the system.

journaled file system. The standard sequential structure of database files used in this operating system.

journaling. (1) The process of recording changes made in a physical file member in a journal. (2) The process of recording information sequentially in a database.

jump. In the running of a computer program, a departure from the implicit or declared order in which instructions are being run.

jumper. A connection on an adapter that changes the operating characteristics of a device. For example, it could set up the I/O address or interrupt type of a port.

justify. To print a document with even right and left margins.

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