Keynote & Invited Speakers:
Michael Chasen
| Karen Gage | Bob Clougherty | Phil Chatterton | Roger Hanley

Frances Atkinson | Audrey Bayduza | Bonita Bray | Bob Boufford | Maisie Caines | Darren Cannell
Wendy Caplan
| Matt Clare | JoAnne Davies | Beverley Day | Maureen Engel | Bryan Fair
Judy Gnarpe | Christ Goetz | John King | Angela Lam | Gail Amort-Larson | Dale Lulchak
Fletcher Nichol | Akil Pessoa | Hardave Riar | Andreas Strotmann | Rob Shea | Stephanie Taylor |
Connie Varnhagen | Kevin Watts

Workshop Facilitators:
Scott Baily
| Jim Boyes | Bob Bufford | Bonita Bray | Laurie Candy | Wendy Caplan | Maureen Engel
Bob Kennedy
| Mavis Leung | Amy Meckelborg | Greg Romaniuk | Estelita Young


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Keynote Speakers:

Picture of Michael Chasen
Michael Chasen

As chief executive officer for Blackboard Inc., Michael Chasen has provided the leadership to take Blackboard from a start-up company with just one product to a publicly held company offering five software applications bundled in two suites. His expertise managing fast growth Internet software companies coupled with a passion to enhance education through technology has been critical to Blackboard's success.
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Keynote Presentation - Blackboard - WebCT Merger Town Hall Meeting

Karen Gage joins the Blackboard executive team as vice president of the Blackboard Beyond Initiative, a key initiative by the company to focus on the next phase of e-Learning. As director of this effort, Ms. Gage oversees a dedicated team in launching a series of Web properties that connect the institutions, faculty, and students who use Blackboard worldwide across education segments and disciplines. Ms. Gage comes to Blackboard with over ten years of experience working in the high technology sector.
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Keynote Presentation - Blackboard - WebCT Merger Town Hall Meeting

Picture of Karen Gage
Karen Gage
Picture of Bob Claugherty
Bob Clougherty

R.J. Clougherty Jr. is the Director of the Institute for Technological Scholarship, the Tennessee Advanced Computing Technologies Institute, and The Web Design Program at Tennessee Tech U where he is also a Professor of English. His research specialty is Semiotics. He is a Fulbright Scholar whose work has been translated into four languages.
Keynote Presentation - The Future's So Bright We Gotta Wear Shades!
Workshop - Tablet PCs, Elluminate and WebCT

Invited Speakers:

Phil Chatterton is a Senior Sales Engineer at WebCT, A Blackboard Company. Phil works with institutions across Western North America to assist the understanding and implementation of WebCT technologies. He started at WebCT in 1999 as a user support specialist after graduating with a B.A. from the U of British Columbia. He has since had the opportunity to work with institutions of all sizes in Higher Education, K-12 and the Corporate Sector. He has also spearheaded efforts to raise awareness of and partner WebCT with the Center for International Rehabilitation.
Presenting: Enriching Student Learning with WebCT E-Portfolio Tool
Picture of Phil Chatterton
Phil Chatterton
Picture of Roger Hanley
Roger Hanley

As Director of Academic Strategies, Roger is responsible for speaking at national and international conferences and working with academic and not-for-profit agencies to promote and support synchronous, real-time collaboration within the academic landscape and the virtual classroom modalities. Roger's career in public education spans twenty years, during which he conceived of, initiated and began operating the Rocky View Virtual School (
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Presenting: Success Stories: News from Elluminate Users


Frances Atkinson is the Associate Director of Academic Computing Services at Simon Fraser University. She has 24 years experience in the areas of IT service provision, project management and strategic direction, working with a wide range of eLearning and infrastructure technologies, including integration with SFU's central business student and employee systems. She and her staff also work with faculty to test and pilot new technologies that are not yet available as part of general infrastructure. Frances has a B.Sc in Math and Computing Science and an M.Sc. in Information Science.
Presenting: From Light & Low to Hot & Heavy - and Everything In Between
Panel discussion on upgrading from WebCT CE4 to CE6
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Frances Atkinson
Picture of Audrey Bayduza
Audrey Bayduza

For over 20 years, Audrey has run a private studio that specializes in teaching theory. She has also taught theory and vocal skills classes at the U of Saskatchewan and in a variety of conservatory and summer program settings. She is also active as a free-lance pianist, accompanist,  and substitute organist here in Saskatoon. She completed the Masters degree in 2004. Audrey teaches Music 101 at the U of Saskatchewan which is the only full three credit Music Theory Fundamentals class offered completely online in Canada and in North America.
Presenting: But will it Get Me to Carnegie Hall?

Bonita has 19 years of teaching and training in various environments, and has offered games workshops at numerous international conferences. She also teaches a fully online credit course on advanced interactivities, games and simulations for U of Calgary. She taught history and women's studies at the U of British Columbia and then moved to WebCT where she was a Senior Instructor, delivering workshops to post-secondary institutions in the US, Canada and overseas. Bonita holds a BA and MA from the U of Victoria and has recently received a Certificate in Accessible Technology.  Bonita is also an Associate Researcher with the SAGE Project.
(A)mazing Interactive Learning to Promote Student Safety
Active learning and the use of web-based interactive tools in undergraduate education

Workshop - (A)mazing Mazes and Advanced Interactives, Games and Sims

Picture of Bonita Bray
Bonita Bray

Picture of Bob Boufford
Bob Boufford

Bob has 28 years of teaching horticulture courses and training in technical workshops. Before coming to the U of Alberta, he was a training instructor for WebCT delivering workshops to colleges and universities in the US, Canada and overseas. Prior to that, he taught horticulture in the US at a community college in Ohio and Ohio State U. Bob has an AAS., BSc. and MS along with several years work experience in web and course management system administration. Bob is also the author of two lab manuals in turfgrass management and soil science for Delmar - Thomson Publishers.
Presenting: Active learning and the use of web-based interactive tools in undergraduate education
Workshop - (A)mazing Mazes and Advanced Interactives, Games and Sims

Maisie Caines is the Faculty Development Specialist at College of the North Atlantic, Newfoundland, Canada.  She collaborates with eight other team members in the research, development and demonstration of technology in online learning. Maisie has been teaching online since 1997 and was one of the first Certified WebCT Trainers in Canada.   Maisie is one of the principal investigators of the WebCT Exemplary Course Project that has been researching and showcasing best practices in online course design and delivery since 2000.  She holds a Master of Arts in Distributed Learning from Royal Roads U, Victoria, British Columbia.
Delegate Forum on program development, faculty development and distributed learning models

Communities of Practice: From Hyperlinks to Human Links

Picture of Maisie Caines
Maisie Caines

Picture of Darren Cannell
Darren Cannell

Darren Cannell is the project leader of the Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School (3368 webct students), and the author of Teaching and Developing Online Blog and the Blackboard and WebCt are one Blog.  He is a WebCT certified expert and certified senior trainer, who has two physical education degrees and taught art for twenty years.  He has won the 2005 Educator of Distinction award, and the 2005 Innovation award in Education.With that background he might have nothing to say or he might.
Presenting: You Are Using WebCT to Do What?

Wendy is the Flexible Delivery Coordinator for the Faculty of Nursing at the U of Alberta.  With an M.Ed in Adult and Higher Education she has experience teaching adults in both face to face and on-line environments.   For the past 10 years she has managed on-line learning programs and supported both faculty and students involved in teaching and learning on-line.  As an instructional designer, she is always seeking ways to enhance the on-line teaching and learning experience for students and instructors.  She is currently involved in research focused on the administration of on-line programs and the impact of student and faculty support structures.
(A)mazing Interactive Learning to Promote Student Safety
Communities of Practice: From Hyperlinks to Human Links
Picture of Wendy Caplan
Wendy Caplan
Picture of Matt Clare
Matt Clare

Matt Clare is Brock University’s Educational Technologies Support Specialist and works in the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Educational Technologies.  His main influence at Brock is supporting instructors’ use of WebCT and other tools such as  Matt has spearheaded the University’s first Wiki’s and Podcasts and strives to bring the appropriate new medias to teaching at Brock. Matt has been profiled in the St. Catharines Standard multiple times and holds an Honours BA in Communications Policy from Brock.
Presenting: Teaching Support 2.0

Dr. JoAnne Davies is the Manager of E-Learning in the U of Alberta’s central Academic Information and Communication Technologies (AICT) department. In this capacity she provides campus leadership in the planning and delivery of e-learning services including systems design, technical support, and professional development. Prior to her current position, Dr. Davies spent 10 years in the Faculty of Education at the U of Alberta. She coordinated the Faculty’s Technology Professional Development (Tech PD) program, facilitating the integration of information and communication technologies in teaching, research, administration, and other professional activities. Dr. Davies also taught Instructional Technology and Educational Research Methods courses for the Faculty of Education, including undergraduate and graduate courses, large and small class sizes, in traditional face-to-face, distance/online and blended learning environments.
Presenting: Communities of Practice: From Hyperlinks to Human Links

Picture of JoAnne Davies
Dr. JoAnne Davies
Picture of Beverley Day
Beverley Day

Beverley has been working at the Higher Colleges of Technology in the UAE since 1997 and currently works as both a member of the Business Faculty and as an Educational Technologist. Prior to working at the HCT, Beverley was a Channel Marketing Manager at Vodafone's Head Office in the UK, where she launched an innovative distance learning programme for more than 3000 students across the UK.
Presenting: "Learn", "Teach", "Assess", "Communicate" and "Support": A discussion on the design and development of a 5-element, WebCT-based learning and teaching framework and the various challenges inherent in its implementation.

Maureen Engel is Instructional Technology Specialist at the Arts Resource Centre (ARC) in the Faculty of Arts at the U of Alberta.  In this capacity, she is responsible for facilitating the integration of technology into teaching across the Faculty, primarily in a blended environment.  In addition to her responsibilities at ARC, she also teaches in the Department of English and Film Studies where she has recently taught a course on Literary Computing. Her research interests include emergent collaborative forms of online communication and their implications and applications to teaching, reading, and writing.
Hosting: Communities of Practice: From Hyperlinks to Human Links
Workshop - Out of the Box: Alternative Assessment Strategies

Picture of Maureen Engel
Dr. Maureen Engel
Picture of Bryan Fair
Bryan Fair

Bryan has been a PTS instructor since 1986 but has focused on educational technologies for the past 14 years. As BCIT's Technical Advisor for Distributed Learning Services, Bryan lives in the world between education and technology, a dangerous place he reports, "You've got an uphill struggle on both sides, the educators suspect you of bringing a technological mandate to the table, and the technologists get frustrated with the educational perspective you foist on them".
Presenting: From Light & Low to Hot & Heavy - and Everything In Between
Panel discussion on upgrading from WebCT CE4 to CE6

Judy Gnarpe is a Faculty Service Officer at the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, U of Alberta. She has a PhD in Clinical Microbiology from the U of Uppsala, Sweden and worked as a clinical microbiologist in a hospital laboratory for 23 years, combining diagnostic work and research. She has been teaching Medical Microbiology and Immunology to Health Care Professional students (nurses, MDs, dentists and dental hygenists) for the past 5 years. She has used WebCT extensively for the past four years in her large enrollment classes and has been innovative in adding interactive learning strategies to the courses.
Presenting: Active learning and the use of web-based interactive tools in undergraduate education
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Dr. Judy Gnarpe
Picture of Chris Goetz
Chris Goetz

Chris Goetz is a student Intern in the Department of Psychology at the U of Alberta. He assists instructors and graduate students in instructional technology for teaching and learning. He administers the information literacy component of the large introductory psychology classes.
He is also developing and evaluating ePortfolio templates for use by students and faculty.
Presenting: Catering to the Masses: Teaching and Assessing Information Literacy Skills

John King is the Chair, Distributed Learning and Learning Technologies at College of the North Atlantic, Newfoundland and Labrador’s public college. John has led the college’s Distributed Learning Service since its inception in 1999. In that time, the College has been recognized as one of only five WebCT Institutes in Canada and has received the Canadian Association of Distance Education (CADE) Excellence in Partnership award. The Distributed Learning Service has developed over 250 online courses, completed numerous private sector contracts, applied research and international distance education projects.  
Hosting: Delegate Forum on program development, faculty development and distributed learning models
Picture of John King
John King
Picture of Angela Lam
Angela Lam

Angela is the principal instructional support technologist in the Arts ISIT department at the U of British Columbia. She is the primary WebCT faculty support contact, and through this capacity, is dedicated to expanding the use of online learning tools within academia. Additionally, this expansion has been facilitated by her devotion to teaching students, faculty and staff.
Presenting: Integrating media-rich presentations into WebCT to enhance teaching and learning

Gail Amort-Larson is an Occupational Therapist in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine. Her area of expertise focuses on anatomy and physical medicine in Occupational Therapy. She has received numerous teaching awards over her career. Gail was the first to put a human anatomy course on-line using WebCT. She is presently the Distance Education Coordinator for the Department of Occupational Therapy at the U of Alberta.
Presenting: Creating a 3 Dimensional Home to Explore Accessibility Issues
Picture of Gail Armort-Larson
Gail Amort-Larson
Picture of Dale Lulchak
Dale Lulchak

Dale Lulchak, Technical Support Analyst with Red Deer College.  Recently took on a new role as WebCT administrator in September 2005.  Since then has dedicated many hours to learning the college’s current WebCT system and research the new version.  Administrator of version 4.1, built and maintain the test environment of Campus Edition 6.  Project leader of the CE 6 upgrade that will be completed by September 2006.
Presenting: From Light & Low to Hot & Heavy - and Everything In Between
Panel discussion on upgrading from WebCT CE4 to CE6

In addition to running and maintaining the institution's WebCT Vista installation, Fletcher and his teammates also develop scripts and applications that integrate with WebCT and other systems. Fletcher attended the U of A as a student, where he earned his BSc. in Computing Science with a minor in Business.
Presenting: Building for Change: Flexible Integration Solutions in a Dynamic Environment
Picture Fletcher Nichol
Fletcher Nichol

Picture missing
Akil Pessoa

Akil is currently involved in a number of projects at the leading edge of federated repository implementation and research. His diverse background gives him a unique perspective on the challenges and apps we will all shortly face.
Presenting: State of the Object Address:  Many Models for Object Repositories

Hardave has over the last 7 years worked in AICT administering and developing large scale production UNIX environments. Hardave is currently in charge of running and maintaining the institution's WebCT Vista system, as well as developing applications to integrate Vista with various other institution services.
Presenting: Building for Change: Flexible Integration Solutions in a Dynamic Environment
Picture of Hardave Riar
Hardave Riar
Picture of Rob Shea
Rob Shea
Rob Shea is the Director of Web Marketing at WebCT, A Blackboard Company. He manages company web sites, the Ask Dr. C question and answer service, the WebCT Exemplary Course Project, the online seminar series, and serves as the primary liaison for WebCT user groups and communities of practice.
Hosting: Communities of Practice: From Hyperlinks to Human Links

Before joining the U of Alberta as a Postdoctoral Fellow in 2006, Andreas Strotmann was a member of the Steering Committee of the Web Advanced Learning Technology project, a two-year, 2.5 Mio EUR project funded by the European Union to develop software to support effective multi-lingual and multi-cultural delivery of high-quality mathematical educational content. He earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science from The Florida State U, and received a Diploma (Master's) degree in Mathematics from the U of Cologne, Germany, where he worked as a staff scientist of the academic computing center for many years before coming to Edmonton. He has been an acknowledged contributor to the World Wide Web Consortium's MathML Recommendation for many years.
Presenting: Multilingual delivery of language-independent mathematics teaching materials

Picture missing
Dr. Andreas Strotmann
Picture of Stephanie Taylor
Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie Taylor is an Instructional Support Technologist and the WebCT Administrator for Keyano College. She is a certified Instructional Designer and as such is a distance education and videoconference resource for the College. Stephanie sits on the Keyano College Distance Education Committee and is a Lead Developer for eCampusAlberta. She provides workshops and training for faculty and staff as a part of the Keyano College “Spring Training” and “Professional Educators Orientation” annual offerings. Stephanie is also the Project Manager for the WebCT CE 4.1 to 6.0 Migration Project.
Presenting: Inspired WebCT Development

Connie Varnhagen is a Professor of Psychology and Faculty Associate with University Teaching Services at the U of Alberta. She develops instructional technology to support teaching and learning in psychology and assists instructors in selecting and using instructionally appropriate technology. She also conducts research into use of technology for information seeking and learning. She developed the information literacy component of the large introductory psychology classes.
Presenting: Catering to the Masses: Teaching and Assessing Information Literacy Skills
Picture of Connie Varnhagen
Connie Varnhagen
Picture of Kevin Watts
Kevin Watts

Kevin joined the U of Alberta in September 1983 as a Control Clerk in the Computing Center, moving from that position to Electronics Technician and then Novell Support Analyst.  For the past 12 years, Kevin has been involved with networks at the U of Alberta, working as a Network analyst for the Labs team, Network analyst for the Network Operations Team, and Team Leader for the Network Operations team. Kevin is now the Manager for Voice, Data and Cabling Services.
Presenting: Through the Wire - E-Learning and the network


Workshop Facilitators:

Picture of Scott Baily
Scott Baily

Scott Baily is an Engagement Manager at WebCT, a Blackboard Company. Scott started at WebCT in 2000 after graduating from U of British Columbia with a B.Sc. In his 6 years with WebCT, Scott has been a Premium Support Specialist and a WebCT Consultant working with domestic and international institutions. Scott’s current role in the Professional Services Organization is focused on providing service solutions for institutions implementing WebCT Campus Edition and Vista.


Jim has spent more than 20 years working with computing technologies in a variety of roles. He is presently the manager of information technology and facilities at the Faculty of Extension where he looks after computing systems, coordinates administrative efforts with central services, and helps Extension's programming units with e-learning initiatives and the use of technology in teaching. Jim is currently completing a Master's Degree in Education specializing in instructional technology. Prior to joining the U of Alberta, Jim taught Microsoft and Novell technical courses for seven years in private industry.
Presenting: Podcasting: How to become an "Audio File" in 10 Easy Steps

Picture of Jim Boyce
Jim Boyes

Picture of Laurie Candy
Laurie Candy

Laurie has spent 10 years in technical curriculum development and delivery. Her most recent work was as a Training Senior Analyst at Dell Inc. Prior to that she was employed at Northern Lakes College where she worked with faculty and staff on a variety of technologies. She was responsible for training on new software and helping faculty integrate technology in the classroom and distance-based courses. Laurie has a BComm, BA, and MEd.
Presenting: Creating Clean, Lean, Mean HTML Files

Bob Kennedy, Senior Professional Development Specialist Since leaving a successful 14 year career in the Practice of Law, Bob has spend the last 20 plus years as an educator in various forums and venues. Bob has completed his Masters Degree in Educational Policy Studies and the course work towards his PhD in Education Administration and Leadership.
Presenting: Discover Simple Audio and Video
Picture of Bob Kennedy
Bob Kennedy
Picture of Mavis Leung
Mavis Leung

Mavis Leung, E-Learning Professional Development Specialist Originally from Hong Kong and Taiwan, Mavis is the newest addition to AICT's E-Learning Services Group.  Prior to coming to AICT, she worked as a WebCT Course Designer for Canmosun College, an IT Trainer for the U of Saskatchewan and a WebCT Administrator for the U of Victoria.  She has extensive experiences in administrating a WebCT server and training delivery in various subjects including Dreamweaver, SCT Banner and Luminis, MS Office, and WebCT. Currently pursuing a Master degree in Distance Education, Mavis has a BSc from the U of Victoria.
Presenting: Creating Clean, Lean, Mean HTML Files

Presenting: Out of the Box: Alternative Assessment Strategies
Missing picture
Amy Meckelborg
Pciture of Gregory Romaniuk
Gregory Romaniuk

Gregory Romaniuk was a faculty member with the U of Nevada, Reno where he provided faculty and student support in effectively using educational technologies. Prior to working with UNR, Gregory was an Educational Technology Facilitator with Grant MacEwan College. As well, Gregory has taught with the Parkland School Division, and consulted with several school boards in the Edmonton area concerning the use of technology in teaching. Gregory holds a BEd (Secondary Education), and an MEd (Educational Psychology, specializing in Instructional Technology).
Presenting: Podcasting: How to Become an "Audio File" in 10 Easy Steps


Active learning and the use of web-based interactive tools in undergraduate education
- Bob Boufford, Team Lead, E-Learning Services Group, AICT, U of Alberta
- Dr. Sharon Compton, Director, Dental Hygiene Program, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, U of Alberta
- Dr. Lynn Skillen, Director, International Nursing Office, Faculty of Nursing, U of Alberta
- Dr. Pauline Paul, Faculty of Nursing, U of Alberta

(A)mazing Interactive Learning to Promote Student Safety
- Dr. Bev Williams, Faculty of Nursing, U of Alberta

Building for Change: Flexible Integration Solutions in a Dynamic Environment
- Bob Boufford, Team Lead, E-Learning Services Group, AICT, U of Alberta

Creating a 3 Dimensional Home to Explore Accessibility Issues
Ismael Rumzan, Digital Media Developer, AICT, U of Alberta
- Eric Spoeth, Multimedia Developer – Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, U of Alberta

Multilingual delivery of language-independent mathematics teaching materials
- Dr. Mika Seppälä
, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, U of Helsinki