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Who are we?

ZooManiacs strives to bring together a community of undergraduate and graduate students interested in zoology at the University of Alberta. The club organizes activities related to zoology in order to enrich students' experiences. Such activities include volunteering opportunities, networking with peers and professionals, and organized outings to museums, zoos and parks where students can appreciate animal diversity. The club also work to improve awareness of zoological charities, issues, and research in the university community at large.

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President: Rowan

Rowan is a 4th year Animal Biology (Honours) student, and has been involved with Zoomaniacs since her first year at the U of A. Her interests in natural history motivated her join the club, and the fantastic group of people she met after joining inspired her to become more involved. When not wading through assignments, Rowan can be found birding, collecting insects, or binge-watching Lord of the Rings. Feel free to get in touch with her if you have questions about the club, or if you simply want to chat about animals!

VP External: Dixie

Dixie is a 4th year Ecology student here at the UofA. Both her career path, and involvement in this club have stemmed from a life-long love of all animals. As VP External, she is responsible for providing volunteer and job opportunities to members, as well as liaising between the club and various groups involved in our events. She joined in winter of her first year, and has been so grateful for the good times, and volunteer/job opportunities it’s provided her. Now, as VP External, she hopes to provide that to current and future members. A trip to the zoo, birding, museum tours, and Career Networking Night are just a few of the events she is looking forward to this year!

VP Events: Jordyn

Jordyn is a 4th year Animal Biology student and currently the VP Events. She has a huge passion for animals and one day hopes to work in Africa rehabilitating injured and orphaned animals. Just this past summer, she spent 3 months in Africa finishing some classes and being involved in research projects including giraffe behaviour, marine megafauna observations, small mammal trapping and fish identification. In her free time Jordyn volunteers for the Edmonton Valley Zoo and walks dogs. She decided to join the club to increase her passion for animals and gain more opportunities to be involved with animal based activities. She encourages any animal lover, regardless of their background, to join the club too!

VP Communications: Justine

Justine is a 4th year Neuroscience student and has been elected as your VP Communications. This means she is responsible for sending out emails, newsletters, and advertisements, as well as managing the club’s Facebook page. She first joined the club because she was interested in doing behind-the-scenes work in the museum volunteering program. Now, she’s excited to be the one organizing the activity. Although being a neuroscience student, she has a soft spot for animals of all kinds (but her favourite is the red fox). Last year she went to Newfoundland to be a part of the puffin and petrel patrol to release stranded chicks back into the wild.

VP Finance: Leah

Leah is a second year Biology student at the UofA. As VP Finance of ZooManiacs, she ensures the club has the financial ability to do the various events throughout the year. She joined ZooManiacs in her first year, and the club has helped her to find her niche in Biological Sciences. Leah enjoys fishing, drawing, and wildlife viewing.

Webmaster: Jaise

Jaise is a 2nd year Companion and Performance Animal Health student and is currently the Webmaster for the ZooManiacs website. He loves animals and regularly volunteers as an assistant at his local vet clinic. In his spare time he likes composing music, painting, and spending time with his cat fudge. He joined the club after visiting a bake sale and was excited to discover a club with like-minded individuals. He recommends that any animal lover come and join us for fun and friends!

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Send us an email at zuazec@ualberta.ca and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Here are the current job/volunteer opportunities being advertised by ZooManiacs. Don't see one you like? Check back later, we're always updating!

Volunteer this summer with WildNorth!

Join an organization of like minded individuals who run the acclaimed WildNorth wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre!

Visit WildNorth's current opportunities page for more info!


Click here for a PDF of the club constitution.

Duties and Accountability

Each elected position has certain expectations and responsibilities imposed upon it by the constitution. Below you will find short descriptions of what each position entails for the individual holding that office.

• Oversee the running of the club and assist as needed

• Plan and run monthly club and executive meetings

• Attend quarterly ISSS meetings and events to represent our

• Liaise between our group and ISSS, SU, SGS

• Support and provide guidance to all other executives

• Estimated weekly time requirement: 5 hours.


VP Finance

• Act as the club's treasurer (take care of all financial duties)

• Write grant applications and event budgets

• Process and file expense claims

• Provide financial updates at executive

• Hold responsibility for club cash box

• Approve club purchases and set
fundraising goals

• Assist other execs where needed

• Estimated weekly time requirement: 2 hours

• Communicate with members about all club matters via email, Facebook and website

• Manage club email account 

• Organize and distribute bimonthly 

• Coordinate advertising for the club 
through posters, in-class advertising, Clubs Fair and whatever else you can think of! 

• Assist other execs where needed 

• Estimated weekly time requirement: 
2-3 hours 

VP Communications

• Work with the VP Events to plan and execute field trips and networking events

• Take the lead on professional and career-building events

• Connect members with volunteer, research and job opportunities

• Communicate to members about new opportunities via Facebook, email and website

• Assist other execs where needed

• Estimated weekly time requirement: 0.75 hours (up to 5 on week of event)

VP External

• Work with the VP External to plan and execute field trips and networking events

• Take the lead on social and fundraising events

• Plan refreshments and set up activities for events

• Update the club calendar and inform members of upcoming events

• Assist other execs where needed

• Estimated weekly time requirement: 2-3 hours (up to 5 on week of event)

VP Events

• Update the club website using HTML, CSS, and web-hosted applications

• Design/re-design website to present the club aesthetically and informatively

• Majority of website content will be supplied by execs

• Have fun being creative!

• ALL TRAINING WILL BE PROVIDED. Position is open to anyone!

• Estimated weekly time requirement: 0.75 hours