Yasui Biostatistics Research Team   


Yutaka Yasui

Team Members




Biostatistics and Epidemiologic Methods

Our research team is currently working in the following health sciences areas.

1. Statistical Methods for Biomarker-Discovery Research

Biotechnological advances in the last two decades have introduced microarray-based gene expression analyses and modern-mass-spectrometry-based protein expression analyses to many areas of heath sciences. The new technologies facilitate thousands to tens of thousands of mRNA or protein expression measurements in a single assay, providing a massive amount of biological information on study samples. Active research utilizing these technologies promises discovery of biomarkers that can be applied for:

Early Detection of Cancer:
Detecting cancer in an earlier stage than currently possible for a dramatic increase in its cure rate

Molecular Phenotyping:
Enabling molecular classifications of diseases for accurate targeting by therapies

Tailored Therapy:
Determining the most effective, least toxic therapy based on the molecular profiles of the patient and his/her disease

Risk & Prognosis Prediction:
Assessing future disease risk of an individual for proper follow-up/monitoring as well as predicting patient prognosis based on expression profiles.

While there are tremendous enthusiasms and promises with these new biotechnologies, we face a number of new statistical challenges in the technology-driven biomarker discovery research. The major goal of our groupís research is to develop and apply statistically-sound methodologies for biomarker discovery that are based on these high-dimensional genomic/proteomic measurements.

Our methodological research is carried out in close collaboration with the following research teams:

ē Dr. Phil Halloranís team and Dr. Liang Liís team at University of Alberta

ē Drs. Paul Lampe/Christopher Li/John Potter at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

In addition to the methodological work for biomarker discovery research, we contribute biostatistical expertise, ensuring the sound, state-of-the-art statistical design, conduct, analysis, and reporting, in a wide range of collaborative research activities locally, nationally, and internationally, including the followings:

2. Cancer prevention and control research in minorities and disadvantaged populations
(with Dr. Victoria Taylor of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Dr. Greg Hislop of the BC Cancer Agency)

3. Health Inequality
(with Drs. Joan Benach/Jose Miguel Martinez at Pompeu Fabra University)

4. Childhood Cancer Survivor Study
(led by Dr. Les Robison of the St. Jude Childrenís Research Hospital)

5. Promotion of physical activities and healthy diet
(with Dr. Christine Friedenreich of the Alberta Cancer Board , Dr. Shirley Beresford of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and Dr. Paul Veugelers)

6. Occupational and environmental epidemiology
(with Drs. Igor Burstyn and Nicola Cherry )

7. Cancer health services research
(with Dr. Marcy Winget , Alberta Cancer Board)

If you are interested in Biostatistics and Epidemiologic Methods for any of the above research areas, please contact Yutaka Yasui at yyasui@ualberta.ca for graduate studentship or postdoctoral fellowship.