Purim Quiz


  How much do you know about Purim?

 Have some fun and take the Purim Quiz. All of the answers can be found in my site.


1. How many times G-d's name is mentioned in the Scroll of Esther?

2. Who was the king in the Purim story?

3. The longest verse in the Bible is found in the Scroll of Esther. The Hebrew text contains ..

4. Hamantashen derives from two German words. It means..

5. Which special prayer is included in the Eighteen Benedictions and the Grace after Meals?

6. The day before Purim is called:

7. Who was Zeresh?

8. How many times men and women are required to listen to the reading of the Megila? Graduation Awards was..

9. How did Haman determine the day the Jews were to be abolished?

10. Besides Hamantaschen, what other food is traditionally eaten at Purim?

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