Talmud Torah Noah Quiz!
Arranged by Dr. Nurit Reshef
Talmud Torah School
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The questions and correct answers were written by Rabbi Zalmen Marozov, Director TorahFax - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Talmud Torah Noah Quiz

What do you really know about Noah? Test your knowledge!

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1. How long did it take Noah to build the ark?

 3 years 

120 years

210 years

65 years

2. How many stories did the ark have (Gen. 6:16)

 2 stories 

3 stories

9 stories

15 stories

3. How long did the rain last? (Gen. 7:12)

 40 days and 40 nights

80 days and 80 nights

77 days and 77 nights

99 days and 99 nights

4. How long was Noah in the ark? (Gen. 8:13)

 11 years and 1 day 

33 days

22 days and 17 hours

1 year and 11 days

5. How did Noah know that it was safe to leave the ark?

 He sent out a dove and it did not return 

He sent out a dove and it returned

He sent out a bunny and it returned with a carrot

He listened to the radio

6. How did Noah's diet change after the flood? (Gen. 9:3)

 He was permitted by G-d to eat sweets 

He was permitted by G-d to drink wine

He was permitted by G-d to eat non-kosher food

He was permitted by G-d to eat meat

7. What was the first plant Noah planted after the flood? (Gen. 9:20)

 Maple tree 


Cabbage patch

Olive orchard

8. Who was the first drunk?





9. How old was Noah when the flood began?

 600 years old 

44 years old

108 years old

164 years old

10. How long did Noah live after the flood?

 12 years

666 years

120 years

350 years

11. How long did Noah live?

 1000 years

950 years

444 years

550 years

12. How many descendants did Noah have in his lifetime?





13. One of these descendants was Abraham. How old was Abraham when Noah died?

 555 years old 

42 years old

58 years old

120 years old

14. What sign does G-d make to remember not to bring a flood?

 The summer vacation

The Northern Lights

The Rosh Hashana Eclipse

The rainbow


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Good Luck!


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