Geophysics 624: Theoretical Seismology

Treats the theory and observational techniques used in the study of low-frequency seismic waves in the Earth. Free oscillations of a spherical Earth; effects of rotation, asphericity and heterogeneity. Mode splitting and coupling. Surface and body waves: dispersion attenuation, refraction and reflection. Seismic source representation and retrieval; centroid-moment tensor (CMT) analysis. For details, contact me at
This is a lab course without exams, only with presentations, reading, projects. Also will be covered are some programming principles in C and Fortran. Very hands-on, lab oriented course. [Administrative Details] [Enter course page...]

Geophysics 421: Seismology and Physical Structure of the Earth

This course examines the theory and application of seismic waves. The main topics include earthquake seismology, structure of the Earth's interior, dynamics and plate tectonics. The emphasis will be on the applications of strain theory, wave equations, surface and body waves, normal modes, anisotropy, seismic tomography and moment tensor analysis.

Geophysics 224: Geophysical Exploration Techniques

This course examines theory and application of exploration seismic methods. [Administrative Details] [Enter course page...]

Geophysics 426/526: Signal Processing in Geophysics

This course examines the theory and application of signal processing methods in geophysics. The topics include Fourier series and Transforms, filtering, convolution and deconvolution and more.. [ 426 Administrative Details] [ 526 Administrative Details] [Enter course page ]

Physics 144: Newtonian Mechanics and Relativity

This courses introduces Newtonian mechanics and special relativity to more advanced 1st year student in Physics. It is calculus based. [ Administrative Details] [Enter course page...]

Physics 234: Introductory Computational Physics

under construction [Administrative Details (] [Enter course page...]

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