Canadian Rockies and Alberta Network (CRANE)

Since 2005, our group has been able to establish the first broadband seismic network in Alberta. The number of stations improved from the original 6 stations to more than 20 stations (and growing) in 2012. A large number of global earthquakes and small regional events have been recorded by CRANE. The data are continously being archived at the UofA and Alberta Geological Survey (AGS), our partner institution in regional seismic studies. Several studies have been published, or are in the process of being published (see below) in peer-revied geophysical journals. Included below are some pictures of the deployment and a recent overview,

Overview Paper
Gu, Y. J., A. Okeler, L. Shen, S. Contenti, The Canadian Rockies and Alberta Network (CRANE): New constraints on the Rockies and Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, Seismo. Res. Lett., 82, 575-588, 2011. click here to access
Edmonton Journal article about the array
Nordegg Mountaineer Journal article about the array
CRANE Station Map
Seismic Station Setup
Field Photos
Link to Joint Project at AGS

Alberta Earthquake Catalogue Open File Report (Stern, Schultz, Shen, Gu, Eaton)
Fracking-related Earthquakes (Schultz et al., JGR, 2014)
new waveforms

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