Xuejuan Su

Associate Professor

University of Alberta
Department of Economics

9-22 H.M. Tory Building
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6G 2H4


(780) 492-4198
(780) 492-3300

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Research statement


Fall Term 2016

Economics 386:
Applications of Mathematics to Economics I

Economics 350:
The Economics of Public Expenditure

Winter Term 2017

Economics 386:
Applications of Mathematics to Economics I

Economics 550:
Pubic Expenditure

Current research topics

College Expansion and Curriculum Choice (with Michael Kaganovich, updated May 2016)

Education Curriculum and Student Achievement: Theory and Evidence (with Vincenzo Andrietti, updated May 2016)

Returns to Academic Standards and the Selectivity of Colleges (with Michael Kaganovich)

Open-Access Regulation and Firm Profitability: Evidence from the U.S. Electricity Utilities.

Private Public Competition (with Tilman Klumpp)

Publications in refereed journals

An Equilibrium Selection Theory of Monopolization (with Andrew Eckert and Tilman Klumpp) Southern Economic Journal, forthcoming.

Strategic Investments under Open Access: Theory and Evidence (with Tilman Klumpp) Journal of Industrial Economics, 63(3), 495-521, 2015.

Have Customers Benefited from Electricity Retail Competition? Journal of Regulatory Economics, 47(2), 146-182, 2015.

A Theory of Perceived Discrimination (with Tilman Klumpp) Economic Theory, 53(1), 153-180, 2013.

Second-Order Statistical Discrimination (with Tilman Klumpp), Journal of Public Economics, 97(1), 108-116, 2013.

Open Access and Dynamic Efficiency (with Tilman Klumpp) American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 2(2), 64-96, 2010.

Design of an Economically Efficient Feed-In Tariff Structure for Renewable Energy Development (with Jonathan A. Lesser) Energy Policy 36(3), 981-990, 2008.

Rational Terrorists and Optimal Network Structure (with Walter Enders) Journal of Conflict Resolution 51(1), 33-57, 2007.

Endogenous Determination of Public Budget Allocation Across Education Stages Journal of Development Economics 81(2), 438-456, 2006.

The Allocation of Public Funds in a Hierarchical Educational System Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 28(12), 2485-2510, 2004.

Last updated: September 2016