Xiaodong Wang

Ph.D. (Toronto), P.Eng.



Advanced Structures and Materials Laboratory

Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2G8

Telephone: (780) 492-4517

FAX: (780) 492-2200


Area of Research

Electromechanical systems; Health monitoring of materials/structures; Smart structures; Micro/Nano-mechanics; Failure analysis of materials and structures; Mechanics of composite materials; Dynamic response and failure of structures; Wave propagation; Damage and fracture mechanics.

Current Research Interests

Electromechanical Systems and Health Monitoring of Materials/Structures

We are interested in research and technological development in this rapidly emerging field. Typical projects include:

          Modelling and analysis of interacting piezoelectric actuators/sensors in smart structures

          Quantitative identification of damage in materials using integrated piezoelectric actuator/sensor systems

          Active vibration control

          Health monitoring of load-bearing structures

                      Electromechanical behaviour of cracked piezoelectric materials

          Damage mitigation

Advanced Composite Materials

Attention is focused on the development of new analytical and numerical techniques for modelling composite materials under different loading conditions. Current research interests include:

    Failure and damage analyses of composites

    Micromechanics of composites

    Dynamic interaction between cracks/inhomogeneities

    Impact-induced damage in composites

    Interphase and interfacial crack problems

Micro/Nano Mechanics

We are interested in the mechanics of nanostructures and their multi-scale simulation. These structures are in a size regime about whose fundamental behaviour our understanding is limited. Current research is focussed on:

    Development of multiscale modelling and simulation methods

    Simulation of multiphenomena for nanoscience and engineering

Other Research Interests

§               Failure analysis of engineering structures

§               Damage and fracture of piezoelectric actuator materials

§               Computation and design of smart structures

Dr.Wang’s Departmental Web Page

Prospective Graduate Students from mechanics and mechanical engineering with outstanding records are encouraged to apply for our research program. The research concerns the development of analytical, numerical and experimental techniques for analysis, simulation and design of advanced materials and structures. This program will provide opportunities in mathematical modelling, scientific computation and laboratory research.

Department of Mechanical Engineering , University of Alberta