This tutorial was created using ANSYS 7.0 The purpose of this tutorial is to outline the steps required to plot Vertical Deflection vs. Length of the following beam using tables, a special type of array. By plotting this data on a curve, rather than using a contour plot, finer resolution can be achieved.

This tutorial will use a steel beam 400 mm long, with a 40 mm X 60 mm cross section as shown above. It will be rigidly constrained at one end and a -2500 N load will be applied to the other.

ANSYS Command Listing


/title, Use of Tables for Data Plots

elementsize = 20
length = 400

et,1,beam3		! Beam3 element
r,1,2400,320e3,40	! Area,I,Height
mp,ex,1,200000		! Youngs Modulus
mp,prxy,1,0.3		! Poisson's Ratio

k,1,0,0			! Geometry


esize,elementsize	! Mesh size
lmesh,all		! Mesh


antype,static		! Static analysis

dk,1,all		! Constrain one end fully

fk,2,fy,-2500		! Apply load to other end



! Note, there are 21 nodes in the mesh.  For the procedure below
! the table must have (#nodes + 1) rows

rows = ((length/elementsize + 1) + 1)

*DIM,graph,TABLE,rows,2,1		! Creat a table called "graph"
					! 22 rows x 2 columns x 1 plane

*vget,graph(1,1),node,all,loc,x		! Put node locations in the x direction
					! in the first column for all nodes

*vget,graph(1,2),node,all,u,y		! Put node deflections in the y direction
					! in the second column

*set,graph(2,1),0			! Delete data in (2,1) which is for x = 400
					! otherwise graph is not plotted properly

*set,graph(2,2),0			! Delete data in (2,2) which is for UY @ x = 400
					! otherwise graph is not plotted properly

*vget,graph(rows,1),node,2,loc,x	! Re-enter the data for x = 400, but at the end
*vget,graph(rows,2),node,2,u,y		! of the table

*vplot,graph(1,1),graph(1,2)		! Plot the data in the table

/axlab,x,Length				! Change the axis labels
/axlab,y,Vertical Deflection