Command Line Tutorials (Advanced Tutorials)

The following documents contain the command line code for the Advanced Tutorials. ANSYS 7.0 was used to create all of these tutorials

Springs and Joints The creation of models with multiple elements types will be explored in this tutorial. Additionally, elements COMBIN7 and COMBIN14 will be explained as well as the use of parameters to store data.
Design Opimization The use of Design Optimization in ANSYS is used to solve for unknown parameters of a beam.
Substructuring The use of Substructuring in ANSYS is used to solve a simple problem.
Coupled Structural/Thermal Analysis The use of ANSYS physics environments to solve a simple structural/thermal problem.
Using P-Elements The stress distribution of a model is solved using p-elements and compared to h-elements.
Melting Using Element Death Using element death to model a volume melting.
Contact Elements Model of two beams coming into contact with each other.
ANSYS Parametric Design Language Design a truss using parametric variables.