ANSYS 7.0 Environment

The ANSYS Environment for ANSYS 7.0 contains 2 windows: the Main Window and an Output Window. Note that this is somewhat different from the previous version of ANSYS which made use of 6 different windows.

  1. Main Window

    ANSYS Main Window

    Within the Main Window are 5 divisions:

    1. Utility Menu
    2. The Utility Menu contains functions that are available throughout the ANSYS session, such as file controls, selections, graphic controls and parameters.

    3. Input Lindow
    4. The Input Line shows program prompt messages and allows you to type in commands directly.

    5. Toolbar
    6. The Toolbar contains push buttons that execute commonly used ANSYS commands. More push buttons can be added if desired.

    7. Main Menu
    8. The Main Menu contains the primary ANSYS functions, organized by preprocessor, solution, general postprocessor, design optimizer. It is from this menu that the vast majority of modelling commands are issued. This is where you will note the greatest change between previous versions of ANSYS and version 7.0. However, while the versions appear different, the menu structure has not changed.

    9. Graphics Window
    10. The Graphic Window is where graphics are shown and graphical picking can be made. It is here where you will graphically view the model in its various stages of construction and the ensuing results from the analysis.

  2. Output Window

    ANSYS Main Window

    The Output Window shows text output from the program, such as listing of data etc. It is usually positioned behind the main window and can de put to the front if necessary.