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Do It Yourself

DIY is very popular in North America, especically in the economy down time. DIYcan be very challenging. but definitely rewarding...
We have a couple of very skilled handmen, and we want to share all we have to help you success in your DIY project.
All the informaiton here is for sharing and you are responsible for making your own decision. You are welcome to use such information in any format.

Sports vs Exercise

Do you like sports and exercise?
BBS(badminton,basketball,soccer) are my 3 favourites.
How do you proteting yourself when Doing Sports/Exercise?

Informaiton Technologies

IT people like new technologies.

You may wonder why so many technologies were created by different companies to do same job, can they work together to make one best?

It is hard to pick which one to be in your arsenal...and it's common that anyone can be an IT pro with little training such as using Google App Inventor...


Chinese Culture

Interested in Chinese Culture? There are lot of reasons to know, understand, explore China, the biggest one is her long history, and the huge population.