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Dr. Angela Schroeder, Conductor
Dr. Fordyce Pier, Conductor

University of Alberta
Faculty of Arts
Department of Music

Concert, October 24, 2008

University of Alberta Symphonic Wind Ensemble

Please anticipate numerous changes to the look of this site over the upcoming days. We promise it will look more artistic when we update to the final design and layout.

The University of Alberta Wind Ensemble consists of approximately 55 undergraduate and graduate students, many of whom are music majors. This ensemble is only one of many which are open to non-music majors to perform in. Other wind ensembles worth noting (which are open to non-music majors) would be the University of Alberta's Concert Band, and Symphony Orchestra.

If you have any further interests in the Symphonic Wind Ensemble, please send us an E-Mail to windens1(a)ualberta.ca and we would be very happy to share as much information as possible.

In the near future, we hope to be releasing a SWE newsletter, consisting of concert information, and potentially including programming information for upcoming concert seasons.

All of our concerts (played in Convocation Hall) will be at the cost of:
$15 - Adults
$10 - Students/Seniors

Free - University of Alberta BMus; BMus/BEd Students (with Gold Pass)

This site is being maintained by Craig Goueffic and the Wind Ensemble Executive. All requests please E-Mail to windens1(a)ualberta.ca