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Brian Stocks and Mike Flannigan talk about Managing fire and risk on CBC Radio Sunday Edition. >>Read more

Northern Firestorm – see story in the Globe and Mail July 15, 2014. >>Read more

Wildfires Kill 339,000 People Per Year. Wildfires, peat fires and controlled burns on farming lands kill 339,000 people worldwide each year. Mike Flannigan quoted in the artlcle which appeared in the Wall Street Journal. >>Read more

Video of a presentation by Mike Flannigan on Future Canadian Fire Regimes in a Changing Climate at an Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction(ICLR) Workshop on Protecting Canadian Homeowners and communities from wildfire in a changing climate – 20 March 2012 Toronto ON. >>More

Powerpoint presentation on fire and climate change from the Wildland Fire 2011 Conference in South Africa [PDF]

Oct. 2012 - Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System - FWI and FBP R packages have been developed.

Note you will need R version 2.11.0 or higher to run these programs.


Canadian scientist warns of growing peat fire risk as climate change sparks more intense wildfires. A Canadian researcher is predicting climate change will lead to more wildfires of greater intensity in Canada and around the world. >>More

Wildfire Trends: You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet. New research includes first-ever global death toll from landscape fires: more than 300,000. Research continues to suggest that this century will be a brutal one for wildfires.>>Read more

Bigger, hotter, faster! As global temperatures rise and lightning strikes increase, fires like the one that roared through Slave Lake are expected to become more common. >>Read more




Strategic Directions

There are four strategic directions: education, science, scientific applications and communications, and partnerships and collaboration. The theme of excellence threads through these strategic directions to ensure the development of science informed policies, practices and decision support tools.  Teaching and mentoring the next generation of scientists and practitioners will allow Canada to maintain its position as a world leader in fire management. >> View the strategic plan