Dr. Clare E. J. Watt


I am a Research Associate with the Department of Physics at the University of Alberta. I work in the Facility for Data Analysis and Modelling (FDAM), part of the Canadian GeoSpace Monitoring (CGSM) project, run by the CSA.

I investigate plasma physics phenomena in our local plasma environment, the solar system. Plasma is the name given to gases made up of charged particles rather than neutral particles.
Over 99% of visible matter in the Universe is in the plasma state, we live in the relatively small neutral pocket of the Earth's atmosphere. However, although we lead a more neutral existence, plasmas are part of our lives

I use theory and simulations in order to try to predict the exciting nonlinear physics of plasmas in a natural environment, then collaborate with colleagues to compare my predictions with observations.


Here are some extra resources for students attending the ISSS-10 in Banff:

Technical Documentation for the Vlasov simulation for Friday's hands-on session;

disp_relation.m: a plotting routine for the solutions of the dispersion relation;

summary_plot.m: a plotting routine to make a summary plot of the electric field and spatially-average distribution function;

dist_function.m: a plotting routine to plot snapshots of the full 2D distribution function.


Details of research methods can be found on the Dynamic Aurora pages on the FDAM site, here are some highlights:

Full Publication List

Recent Presentations

Please feel free to contact me by email to discuss this research: watt [at] ualberta [dot] ca

The DK-1D model is available for scientists to use for their own research. The User Documentation guides you through how you can set up your own simulations.

Reporter Reviews

I'd like to thank those who nominated me to give the Reporter Review for the IAGA meeting in 2009 and the IUGG meeting in 2011. These reviews will also soon be available at the GEMWiki site, along with recent IAGA and IUGG reporter reviews on other topics.


Some more projects I have been involved in, and tools I use in my work: