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EDMONTON NOTICES       1981  1997  2008

   NOTICE #1, 1981: The Book of Spirits      

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the publication titled
at first glance: hard cover, 64 pages, 30 duo-tone images plus text, ISBN 978-0-9809026-4-8, available NOW.

The book's website is here or Exhibition of prints at Edmonton City Hall. Dec. 4-14, 2012 and review CKUA by Sarah Hoyles or CKUA Arts Beat podcast for Dec 10

(NOTICE #2, 1997)    Faces from the Street  The subject of exhibitions at the Royal Alberta Museum and at Edmonton City Hall. Alberta Foundation for the Arts supported.
This, NOTICE #2, comprises intense portraits and short bios of individuals living close to the street during Christmas in Edmonton, 1997, 1998, and 1999.

(NOTICE #3, 2008)    Ten colour photographs taken in June 2008, On 118 Ave. (The Avenue of Nations, The Avenue of Champions or Alberta Ave.), Edmonton.
Future publication will include text.

Private Chaos
East of Cypress: the March Wait




"Today we do not think the virtual, the virtual thinks us." 

Jean Baudrillard, Screened Out. NY: Verso, (2002:107)