Education Nunavut and
The Curriculum and Resource Team (the CART)

Strategic Plan Project

© 2000/01

March, 2001

  1. Literature Reviews are complete.

  2. Community Visits have been conducted in the following communities:

A. Toloyoak, Cambridge Bay by Patrick Cummins
B. Iqaluit by Denis Wall and Carol Orr
C. Igloolik by Bryan Robinson

B. Baker Lake, Rankin Inlet and Chesterfield by Sandy Kusugak

  In total the following numbers of meetings have taken place:

A. 22 classes of students from Kindergarten to Grade 12
B. 12 group meetings with over 70 people
C. More than 160 individual interviews (Not including second interviews with a number of these individuals)

  3. Surveys have been undertaken of students (1500+ returns), parents and DEA members (220 + returns), teachers (180+ returns), principals (21 returns). There are Inuinnaqtun, Baffin and Kivalliq translations of the DEA/parent/elder and teacher surveys available.

The surveys were sent by fax to principals in all schools beginning August 15.

The surveys are intended to be confidential and will be returned directly to Denis Wall in Ottawa by September 15.

No longer active:

You could have downloaded the English versions from internet sites

4. The drafting of the final report took place during early October.  

6. The final report has been submitted.  

7. Inuktitut translation is waiting funding in the new fiscal year. The report should be made public after that.  

8. Others who have participated in the research include:

Sarah Silou - Baker Lake - literature review and Inuktitut translations
Rosemary Meyok - Kugluktuk - Inuinnaqtun translations
Leonie Kunnuk - Igloolik/Ottawa - Inuktitut translations
Bernadette Immaroitok - Igloolik/Ottawa - Inuktitut translations