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Quotes are from Senator Chalifoux interview with Dr. Denis Wall, September 13, 1999




Senator Thelma Chalifoux



My role here (in Ottawa as a Senator) is partly education and partly bringing the issues forward, especially for the Métis because we are truly the forgotten people.




Who she is

I was the first Aboriginal woman ever appointed to the Senate of Canada. I am the first Métis ever appointed to the Senate of Canada. And what I find is that sadly Canadians know very little about Aboriginal peoples.




The political issues are very relevant today and very important if we are to be recognized within the Constitution of this country as one of the founding Nations.

Already it's beginning to look a little bit more promising.



What she sees and what she has to do



And when you see the discrimination, if you don't do anything then you're not doing your job that you've been put on this earth to do. How can you stand by and watch your fellow man suffer and not do anything?



How she will get there



I have been in a learning curve all my life for this job. I treat it as I have any political issue: you go after it to the best of your ability. You win some. You lose some. And if you lose some, you take another angle.




She was working in these issues and more

in September, 1999



Some Alberta Métis Settlement Elders


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Adolphus Ghostkeeper
Adrian Hope
Richard Poitras


The people she is working for




Young Métis rider in Grouard, Ab.







This is a sample page prepared for Senator Chalifoux, with thanks.

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