Math 496 - Honors Seminar: Harmonic Analysis, TR 3:30-4:50, CAB 281


Volker Runde, CAB 675

Office hours

TR 2-3:30 or by appointment


I plan to start with an introduction to Fourier analysis leading up to the Poisson summation formula, then treat harmonic analysis on abelian groups, and later harmonic analysis on non-abelian groups, possibly up to the Peter-Weyl theorem.

The eventual choice of topics to be covered will very much depend on the participants' backgrounds.


Math 125, 225, 217, 317, and some basic knowledge about groups (Math 417, 418, and 447 will be helpful, but aren't necessary: whatever we need from those courses, we'll cover ad hoc.)


The book

will be the backbone of the course. The treatment in this book does not use the Lebesgue integral or general topological spaces, which makes it very well suited for an introduction at the undergraduate level. Another book (more advanced) I may draw material from is I have both books in my office and interested students are welcome to have a look.


The grade will be based on presentations by the participants.
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