MATH 209 - Calculus III (EH1), MWF 13:00-13:50, CSB B 2 (course syllabus)


Volker Runde, CAB 675

Office hours

MWF 11:00-12:00 or by appointment (If you want to set up an appointment with me, please, drop me an e-mail the day before.)

Required texts

  1. J. Stewart, Calculus: Early Transcendentals (Edition 7E). Brooks/Cole, 2012.
  2. Math 209 Lab Manual (on sale - cash only - in CAB 680, 8:30-16:30, September 5-13 only).


  1. partial derivatives (Chapter 14 of Stewart's book);
  2. multiple integrals (Chapter 15 of Stewart's book - excluding 15.10);
  3. vector calculus (Chapter 16 of Stewart's book).


The grade will be based on labs (10%), homework (10%), a common midterm (30%), and a common final (50%).


The labs start on or after September 9.


There will be weekly homework assignments. The access key for WebAssign is:

ualberta 6751 5096

Further details will be announced in class.


Dates (set by the Faculty of Engineering): Calculators as well as formula sheets are not allowed in the exams.

Old exams

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Final Instructions
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