This is my personal webpage.  In it, you will find information on my academic history, work history, personal interests, and a few pictures to accompany said information. 

A little bit about me:

  1. MSc candidate at the University of Alberta in the Songbird Neuroethology Lab

  2. Academic supervisor:  Dr. Christopher Sturdy

  3. B.A. 2010, Binghamton University (SUNY) in Psychology and Music

  4. Volunteer (bike mechanic) at the Edmonton Bike Commuters Society and active bike enthusiast

  5. Active musician


Welcome to my site!

Some recent photos from my cross-country bike trip (Summer 2011).  Outside of Bozeman, MT (top left), Hidden lake in Glacier National Park, MT (bottom left), and the grand canyon of Yellowstone National Park, WY (right).