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Elements in the Cosmic Stack Each element contains one unique type of atom. Each atom in turn has unique properties related to its ground energy state and electron configuration. We map different electron configurations and ground energy states on a periodic table.


This page contains links and resources that unpack and explain the organization of elements in the Periodic Table and the properites of elements based on their electron configurations. This page is meant as a resource to clarify and enrich your introduction of the periodic table to your students.

1. Periodic Table

2. Atomic Nature

3. Energy States and Orbitals

4. Electron Filling and Configuration

5. Periodic Table Puzzles and Games

6. Music Videos

7. Miscellanea

This page is related to Twelve Lead Pencils that illustrates the concept of moles by use of peas. I also wrote a post, About Atoms and Mole Hills, in my blog, Digital Substitute, about using the periodic table. It contains the preceding links with explanations about atoms, moles, elements and the periodic table.

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