Unpacking World Folk-literature: Thompson's Motif Index, ATU's Tale Type Index, Propp's Functions and Lévi-Strauss's Structural Analysis for folk tales found around the world

Explore the motifs, tale types, Propp functions and mythemes of world folk-literature, with example motifs and tales.

Curated and compiled from several sources by Shawn Urban.

Unpacking Folk Tales

Thompson Motif Index
Motif Index (Source site 1, Source site 2)
Motif Types (Source site)
Index Help (Source site)
Index Use (Source site)
Constructing Motifs (Source site)
Index Notes

ATU Tale Type Index
ATU Tale Type Index (Source site)
ATU Tale Type Help (Source site)
Ashliman Collection (Source site)

Propp Functions
Propp Functions (Source site)

Lévi-Strauss Structural Analysis
The Structural Study of Myth (Source site)
Method of Structural Analysis