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Copyright and Creativity

Creative Commons Search Engines for All Media:

  1. 14 Free and Simple Digital Media Tools photo, video, audio, audio slideshow
  2. 17+ Interesting Ways to Find* Creative Commons Resources several engines not listed below, tips and quick lessons on CC and content manipulation (remixing, etc.)
  3. 30+ Places To Find Creative Commons Media audio, images, video, text, general

Static Images+:

    Find Creative Commons Images and Photos+
  1. 46 Web Sites About Creative Commons and Public Domain Images and copyright-free (copyright-zero), cliparts, icons, backgrounds, movies, links to more
  2. 2Learn Images topic categories, click Images beside Sites (do not click Sites nor Enter in Search Box) → Index → Click to View
  3. Compfight Flickr images (with creative commons toggle filter)
  4. Creative Commons Flickr photos creative commons Flickr images
  5. Creative Commons High Resolution Images on Flickr share-alike Flickr images and ideas to modify them
  6. Creative Commons Search links to search engines for images, sounds, music, video, other material
  7. Creative Commons Wiki creative commons image-based media
  8. Discovery Education Clipart original subject-categorized clip art, including animations
  9. Flickr search → advanced → CC, right click on photo
  10. FlickrCC creative commons Flickr images
  11. Free Stock photos free stock photos
  12. Getty Images licensed imagery online
  13. iStockphoto stock photos, vector illustrations, videos and music tracks
  14. NOAA Photo Library free and public domain natural, scientific and historic photos
  15. Open Clipart Library create, share and remix public domain clipart
  16. PicDrome public domain images
  17. Pics4Learning creative commons images
  18. Stock.xchng free stock (middle is free, start and end cost)
  19. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Digital Library public domain images, historical artifacts, audio clips, publications and video
  20. Vectorportal free and stock vector images and logos
  21. Wikimedia Commons images, clipart, drawings, sounds, music, spoken, video, creative commons, public domain, GFDL, reuse guidelines
  22. Wylio.com creative commons Flickr images (requires login)
  23. Zoo FlickrStorm images (with creative commons filter)

    Finding the Right Digital Image (Beware of licenses)
  1. Flickr Related-tag Browser find Flickr photos by tags and related tags
  2. LiteFlickr find Flickr photos by text or tag (with creative commons filter)
  3. Multicolr Search Lab find creative commons Flickr photos by colour
  4. Tag Galaxy find Flickr photos by nested tags

    Resize and Edit Your Photos
  1. Aviary photo editing
  2. Bubblesnaps add captions to your pictures
  3. Creative Commons High Resolution Images on Flickr share-alike Flickr images and ideas to modify them
  4. iPhoto edit your images
  5. IrfanView edit your images
  6. Kaleidolism kaleidoscope an image with your mouse
  7. Picasa resize your photos
  8. Picture Manager edit and manage your pictures how to use
  9. PIXresizer resize your images
  10. Zoom It pan and zoom an image

    Create Your Own Images
  1. ICTMagic Art, Craft and Design tools, tutorials
  2. Drawing Tools, like DrawIsland, Diagram.ly, Inkscape (open source vector graphics editor) and Zentangle
  3. Dynamic Art Designers, typified by Silk
  4. Graph Creators, including Crappy Graphs, GraphJam, Protovis and TimeToast
  5. Image Generators, such as Canva, ImageGenerator, Viscosity and Wordmark.it
  6. Image Story Generators, including Blabberize, Little Bird Tales (photos, art, text and voice), Voki (talking avatars) and xtranormal (talking avatars)
  7. Map Creators, including Animaps (informative animated maps)
  8. Painting Packages, typified by ArtRage
  9. Photo Editors, such as Befunky, BigHuge Labs, Cartoonize, IrfanView, Mirrorize and Watterize
  10. Screen Capture Tools, like Snipping Tool
  11. Tag Cloud Generators, such as Tag Crowd, Tagxedo and Wordle

Dynamic Media:

    Brainstorming Tools
  1. AnswerGarden a word cloud site that collects words and phrases
  2. Bubbl.us colourful brainstorms and mind maps
  3. LinoIt free sticky and canvas service
  4. Mindmeister online mind mapping and polling tool
  5. SpicyNodes interactive nodemaps
  6. SpiderScribe a new online way to brainstorm and mind map
  7. Wallwisher online notice board creator

    Poll and Survey Tools
  1. Google Forms collect information by creating a form
  2. PollDaddy surveys, polls and quizzes
  3. PollEverywhere gather live responses in any venue
  4. Reel cast, poll and catch feedback

    Quiz Creation Tools
  1. 12 Puzzle and Quiz Creation Tools for Teachers generators and templates aimed at older kids
  2. MyStudiyo create quizzes with images and/or videos
  3. PhotoPeach upload photos to make great looking slideshows and even simple quizzes, PhotoPeach quiz how-to
  4. QuizRevolution interactive multimedia quizzes

    Comic and Cartoon Tools
  1. Livebinder: Comics: 25+ Create your own more tools to create comics
  2. Bitstrips create comics in minutes
  3. Bubblr create comic strips from creative commons Flickr photos
  4. Concept Cartoons explore concepts with comic strips
  5. Go Animate cartoon videos
  6. KerPoof movies, cards, pictures, picture spells, stories
  7. MakeBeliefsComix create your own comix strip
  8. Pixton make and share comics
  9. ToonDoo comic strips with clicks and drag-and-drops

    Animation Tools
  1. Visualizing Complex Ideas - using visual metaphor to get your ideas across
  2. 13 Fast And Furious Stick Figure Animations And Tutorials examples, turorial
  3. ABCya! | AnimateStar online animation tool
  4. Automatoon free easy online animation tool
  5. Boinx iStop Motion stop motion animation (aka. claymation) and time lapse recording
  6. DigiCel Theatre Flipbook animation, free version has a watermark
  7. FluxTime Studio animation
  8. Illusion Mage create professional 3D animations, games and graphic models
  9. MonkeyJam digital penciltest and stopmotion animation program
  10. Pivot Stickfigure Animator create stick figure animations Wikipedia
  11. PixStop iPad, stop-motion animation
  12. Scratch interactive games, stories, music and art
  13. Shambles' Animation Resources links to more
  14. Stop Motion Animator by Clayanimator.com 1.1 stop motion animation
  15. Stykz frame-based animation
  16. Using PowerPoint (and) tips on frame animation
  17. Other recommendations (and, scroll down to free list) links to more

    Slideshow Tools
  1. Animoto make slideshows and videos with music
  2. BookR make super easy slideshows
  3. Flickr host and share slideshows of photo sets or tags, embed into blog posts
  4. PhotoPeach upload photos to make great looking slideshows and even simple quizzes, PhotoPeach quiz how-to
  5. Slide photo slideshow
  6. Slideroll interactive, drag-and-drop photo slideshow maker
  7. Slideshare upload pictures, powerpoint, docs and more
  8. Smilebox variety of templates available

    Presentation Tools
  1. AuthorStream host your presentations and share with others
  2. Empressr rich media presentation tool, photos, music, video and audio
  3. Fotobabble create a talking photo
  4. Glogster combine images, video, music, photos and audio to create interactive posters
  5. Prezi online, single-canvas presentation and story telling tool, images, text, videos and other objects, pan and zoom
  6. Scribd social text-publishing
  7. SlideShare host presentations, share with others, embed presentations in posts and websites
  8. VoiceThread create an interactive slideshow using images or videos, allow others to leave comments on each photo by adding text, audio or video, add-audio how-to
  9. Voki create talking avatars
  10. Zoom It pan and zoom an image

    Screencasting Tools
  1. 12 Screencasting Tools For Creating Video Tutorials more tools
  2. Chris Smith/Shamblesguru's Prezi on Screencasting tools, resources and tutorials
  3. BoinxTV turn your Mac into a TV studio
  4. Camstudio open source screencasting
  5. Camtasia Studio screencasting
  6. Camtasia Relay record lectures and presentations
  7. Captivate by Adobe interactive elearning authoring software, multimedia simulations, branching scenarios, embed quizzes
  8. Educreations iPad or browser, personal recordable whiteboard, audio
  9. Explain Everything iPad, interactive whiteboard, annotate, animate, and narrate explanations and presentations
  10. IPEVO Doc Camera document camera (digital overhead without transparencies)
  11. Jing screencasting (download software to your computer)
  12. LiveScribe pencasting, review
  13. Quicktime X screencasting
  14. Screencast screencasting
  15. Screencast-o-matic screencasting
  16. ScreenChomp iPad screencasting, edit, background with photo, review
  17. Screenflow screencasting, video, audio
  18. Screenr online screencasting, how-to
  19. Sketchcast sketchcasting
  20. SMART Recorder record what you do on the SMART board to your computer, how-to
  21. Snagit screencasting, screen capture
  22. TipCam PC, screencasting
  23. Windows Media Encoder PC, screen capture, screencasting

    Video Creation Tools
  1. Animaps informative animated maps
  2. Animoto professional looking videos from images
  3. Go Animate cartoon videos
  4. Stupeflicks mix photos, video, music into videos (costs)
  5. VodPod create, share, convert videos
  6. xtranormal 3D animated videos
  7. YouTube Editor edit uploaded videos

    Video Hosting Websites
  1. 7 YouTube Alternatives & Why They Make Sense hosting
  2. Blip TV create an awesome original web show or series
  3. KeepVid download streaming videos to your desktop
  4. Search Creative Commons movies, audio, images
  5. TeacherTube teach the World with video
  6. Vimeo sharing the videos you make
  7. VodPod create, share, convert video
  8. YouTube create, edit and publish your videos

Sounds and Music:

  1. How to Find Free Music for Videos - links to 30+ sites that offer free music, explanation of licences and how you can legally use them
  2. Audacity open source, cross-platform, record and edit sounds
  3. Audioboo storytelling and interviewing
  4. CC Mixter sample, remix, mash-up creative commons music, sound clips
  5. Cinch easiest way to audiocast
  6. Copyright-Friendly and Copyleft (Mostly! Images and Sound sound, images, links to more
  7. Dmusic independent music artists internet website
  8. Incompetech royalty-free music
  9. Jamendo free music
  10. Opsound creative commons sounds and music, share, remix, and reimagine
  11. Magnatune music downloads and streaming (costs)
  12. RadioLab embed live shows and podcasts
  13. Raven interactive sound analysis software
  14. SoundClick upload, listen, download music and rent a musician
  15. SoundCloud capture a voice, moment or music
  16. SoundFX Now free sound effects
  17. Vocaroo voice recording service
  18. VoiceThread create an interactive slideshow using images or videos, allow others to leave comments on each photo by adding text, audio or video, add-audio how-to

Texts and Web:

  1. Curveship narrate underlying events in an interactive world model in different ways
  2. DooID website generator
  3. Wordmark.it create batch Wordmarks of your Trademark using your system's fonts
  4. Writeboard sharable, web-based text documents with tracking history

Curricula, Units and Lessons:

  1. Curriki creative commons multi-media teaching and learning content

More Web 2.0 Tools:

  1. Images4Education daily aggregated links to online images (Diigo group list)
  2. More Dynamic Web 2.0 Tools cool tools for schools
  3. Online Tools daily community-updated links to online tools (Diigo group list)


The links in this list linked to the resources they claim to at the time of publishing this post. If any links no long function, please leave a comment and I will correct the error.